For all campuses, membership classes are offered on the last Sunday of March, May, September, and November. The class takes place at the Hillside campus at 3:30pm. Those who attend Itaewon will have to worship at the Hillside 1pm service in order to take the membership class. Seaside hosts their own Membership class, held after Sunday service.

What does the membership class look like?
Membership classes consist of several seminars covering various topics. The total classroom time consists of 4-5 hours. The class concludes with a simple quiz. Light refreshments are often provided by the church.

Can anyone take the membership class?
Yes! Even if it is your first Sunday, you can take the class if you plan to be in Korea for 10 months or more (Associate Memberships are also available; please read below for more info).

What is an Associate Membership?
For those who are planning to leave Korea within 7 months (ie: college exchange student, etc), an Associate Membership is offered. It includes most of the benefits and responsibilities of church membership. However we do not process the attendance and financial giving of associate members and they are not given access to many leadership opportunities. If the person ever moves back to Korea within 2-3 years, the person can be accepted into membership without having to retake the class.

After taking the class, what are the requirements to become a member?

  • You must have personally confessed faith in Christ and publicly professed it via water baptism.
  • You must have successfully completed all 5 weeks of Community Connection after the class (read below for more info).
  • You must have signed the membership covenant upon completion of the membership process.

What is Community Connection?
We believe that membership is not just a simple class that one takes, but a commitment that we make to one another. Community Connection is a 4 week process to help membership applicants connect relationally with the church as well as to honor the commitments that membership entails. For 4 weeks following the membership class, individuals are paired with a Community Connection Coach, who will connect with them either by phone or in person each week to help each applicant in evaluating whether membership is right for them.

What if I’m not a Christian yet?
If you are not a Christian yet, we recommend that you take a Bible study with a pastor or small group leader so that you can discover the love of God and make a personal commitment to a life in Christ. Non-believers are welcome to take the Membership Class as part of their journey to discover a life of faith in Christ.

What if I’m not baptized in water yet?
If you have not been baptized in water yet but would like to join membership, we recommend you take the class, sign the covenant, and setup a water baptism with our pastoral staff. We will do our best to get you baptized within the year. In the meantime if you are accepted your membership status will be pending you go through with your baptism.

I was baptized in a Presbyterian church via sprinkling. Do you recognize water baptisms from other churches?
Yes, of course. We recommend our members to honor the baptisms they’ve received from other churches.

What are the benefits of membership?
Some of the benefits of membership are: being identified with a loving community and a dynamic movement, spiritual covering and protection, missions opportunities, church planting opportunities, consideration for ministry teams and leadership, members email list, priority in healing and deliverance sessions, conference discounts, priority seating, and recommendation letters from the pastoral staff. Along with benefits, there are also responsibilities and they are all covered in the membership class.

New Philly Itaewon after their annual Black and White Day celebration! Photo courtesy of Joel Kim (Mar 2013).

New Philly Seaside after their first Thanksgiving Banquet! Photo courtesy of Jen Kim (Nov 2012).