baby dedications

Baby Dedications

New Philly does not practice baby baptisms but we support baby dedications. A baby dedication is an act of faith in which we publicly consecrate the baby before the church and trust the Holy Spirit to be at work in the child’s heart before he/she makes a personal profession of saving faith. We do not believe that it imparts any kind of saving grace on the child. We also find baby dedications meaningful because it is an opportunity to speak prophetic words of life over the child and we believe in the importance of the community’s role in partnering with the parents in raising a child in godliness. Although not found in the Bible, we find baby dedications to be meaningful to both the biological family and the church community.

What does it look like?

Once it is setup, the parents (or a single parent/guardian) bring the baby on stage during Sunday worship and the campus pastor anoints the child with oil and prays a prayer of consecration and blessing over him/her. Then the campus pastor will prompt the congregation for a response. If appropriate and time permits, the parents may share a testimony regarding the baby’s birth before/after the dedication takes place.

How old does the child have to be?

The ideal age to setup a baby dedication is between 4 to 9 months old but it is not unusual to do it later. The age limit is 2.5 yrs old.


If you would like to setup a baby dedication, one or both parents must be a member in good standing with the church. If a member is married to a non-member or a non-believing spouse, the campus pastor(s) and community are encouraged to be gracious to the spouse and invite him/her to be present for the baby dedication.

Sample Prayer of Dedication

“Everyone, this is John Kim and Lisa Johnson, they have been members of our church for the last 2 years. This is their newborn daughter Brooklyn. At this time we are going to anoint Brooklyn with oil and pray a prayer of consecration and blessing over her. Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and we are going to ask that God be at work in Brooklyn’s heart from an early age so she will be raised in love and godliness. Let us pray. Brooklyn, I anoint you with oil and consecrate you unto the Lord so that you may be raised in love and live a life of faith and righteousness. May the Lord…”

Congregational Response

“New Philly, do you promise to love this family and surround them with the teachings, support and prayers they need to raise their children in godliness? If so say, yes we do.”