Position: Finance Director

Start Date: Must be able to start between October to December 2014.
Location: Seoul, Korea.
Description: Come work with amazing people in a positive work environment for a dynamic church with an exciting vision.
Job Summary: Responsible to setup and oversee the management of all church funds with integrity and transparency for a growing international, multi-site church.
Required Experience and Education: bachelor’s degree a must (a CPA or MBA preferred), several years experience in an accounting or auditing role (preferably in a rigorous environment)
Visa Requirements[1]: must be a Korean citizen or hold a permanent resident visa (foreigners F2 or F5 visa, ethnic Koreans F4, etc.)
Required Skills: high fluency in Korean and English, strong history of financial integrity, mastery of Microsoft Excel, ability to oversee international tax and accounting laws, must be adaptable and have global vision

Core Duties

  1. process and oversee tithes and offerings for all New Philly church communities
  2. oversee accountability of tithes for all church members
  3. manage New Philly’s fundraising system via our support site
  4. manage payroll for all salaried staff (currently 7 persons)
  5. manage payroll for support-raising staff (currently 10 persons)
  6. oversee expenses and reimbursements
  7. produce monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for all church campuses
  8. produce financial reports for church events
  9. manage church assets and loans
  10. train and oversee all treasurers at remote NP church plants
  11. ready church records for external audits

Starting Salary (for CPA or MBA): 2,100,000 per month (25,200,000 per year or $24,200 USD)[2]
Housing: 400,000 per month[3] (5,000,000 housing key money available as an interest-free loan)
Moving Stipend (if applying from abroad): 3,600,000[4]
Benefits: health insurance, paid vacation (up to 13 days per year), paid sick leave (up to 5), 3 months paid maternity leave, regular pay raises, retirement fund in the form of severance pay (as required by Korean law)

Hiring Process: The hiring process involves three simple steps.

  1. Apply: Email your resume to ‘admin at newphilly dot cc‘, and we will contact you for an interview if we feel you are a strong candidate.
  2. Internship and Training: Once the interview is complete and you are the leading candidate, we will bring you in for an unpaid training period lasting 1 to 2 months.[5] If you are not a formal member of New Philly, you will need to complete an unpaid internship period of 2 to 3 months during which we expect you to become familiar with our church’s vision, values, culture, and to build new relationships with our community.
  3. Job Offer: If you satisfactorily complete the internship and training, a job offer will be presented to you. If we feel at any point during the hiring process that employment is not a good fit, we reserve the right to terminate the hiring process and you would be informed immediately. All moving and housing stipends already received are yours to keep. For those who are hired, you will receive your first paycheck on the first of the month on which you start work officially.


  1. Please email ‘daisykim at newphilly dot cc’ if you have any questions on how to apply for a Korean visa.
  2. This salary is negotiable for those who have a wealth of experience and expertise. For bachelor’s degree holding candidates, salary is 1,800,000 per month (21,600,000 per year or $20,700 USD).
  3. For bachelor’s degree holding candidates, housing is 300,000 per month.
  4. This stipend is to help offset the cost of airline tickets and moving costs. The moving stipend for a bachelor’s degree holding candidate is 2,000,000. For those living in the Seoul-area, the moving stipend does not apply.
  5. All those relocating from abroad will be given the moving stipend up front. You will also receive the housing stipend during the internship and training stages.

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