The 2020 Fund

“Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce;
then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine.”
Proverbs 3:9-10, ESV

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What is the 2020 Fund?
The 2020 Fund is New Philly’s first building fund campaign. With the funds, we plan to build a central training and sending facility in Seoul so we can more effectively engage in the prayer, church renewal, missions, and church planting movements. Our aim is to complete fundraising by February 2018 and complete construction on the building by the end of the year 2020. When you give to this fund, you are giving to more than just a building but a movement. A movement that seeks to awaken and anoint the sons and daughters of God to manifest God’s glory in mega-metropolises all over Asia, Australia, and the nations!

What will the building consist of?
The new building will consist of the following six main elements, each element critical in leveraging momentum for the movements God has called us to engage: 1) main sanctuary, 2) overflow sanctuary, 3) classrooms, 4) office space, 5) conference and counseling rooms, 6) guest house. It will be used to serve New Philly’s church campuses, Emmaus ministries, K1 Prayer Tabernacle, and New Philly’s training school. We also plan to use the facility as a renewal and training center for full-time pastors from Asia, Australia, and America, providing them with healing and deliverance, counseling, and equipping at a reasonable cost. Preliminary details of the building can be found here (this page will be periodically updated with architectural blueprints and is subject to change).

How much are you trying to raise?
As of August 2014, our initial estimate to complete the project is $7.5 million usd (about 7,500,000,000 krw). The total is subject to a few rounds of revision to reflect actual land acquisition and construction costs.

How can I participate?
You can participate by giving a one-time donation or a firstfruits offering.

What is a firstfruits offering?
A firstfruits offering is when you set apart the first monthly paycheck of the year and give it as an offering unto the Lord. As you set apart your firstfruits unto the Lord, we trust that God will set apart specific blessings and goodness for you.

What is the meaning of firstfruits?
According to the Bible, the firstfruits offering is when a person brings the first and best crops of the harvest and offers it in worship and thanksgiving to the Lord before taking any for him/herself. Abel practiced it (Gen. 4:3-4), the Israelites were commanded by God to practice it (Lev. 23:9-14), Nehemiah collected it to rebuild Jerusalem (Neh. 10:35-39), and the Lord himself practiced it when he gave us his firstfruits, his only Son Jesus (I Cor. 15:20). The concept finds rich meaning in Scripture as Romans 8:29 explains that God predestined us to be conformed to Christ, that he might become the firstfruits or firstborn among many brothers. Along this same vein, 2 Thess. 2:13 says that in Christ we have become the firstfruits of God. As we raise funds for the 2020 Fund we want to challenge you to give a firstfruits offering out of your thanksgiving to God for how he has blessed you through New Philly, trusting that your testimony is the firstfruits of many more to come!

How do I prepare for a firstfruits offering?
In order to participate you’ll need to begin saving your money now and prayerfully consider how you can change your budget to make room for such a large offering. We do not recommend that you make a firstfruits offering recklessly. Each year’s firstfruits offering (first month’s paycheck) will be due by February 15. If you’ve committed all four years, please submit the firstfruits offerings for all four years onto our web site now in the amount of your current monthly paycheck so we can hold you accountable to it and reflect it on our progress bar.

Can I give my firstfruits offering on a monthly basis?
We recommend that you save your money and give your firstfruits offering at the beginning of each new year. There will be designated Sundays when people will be reminded to send in their firstfruits offering. Currently the monthly payment option is not available.

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What methods of payment are available?
For those living in Korea, the preferred method of payment is electronic funds transfer (eft) into our Korean bank account. For those residing abroad, you can give through a Paypal account or a major credit card.[1] Payment details will appear when you donate using our support site.

Is there a Korean bank account where I can donate directly?
Please wire money directly into our building fund account (especially if you are giving in excess of 10,000,000 krw or $10,000 USD or AUD). This account is available for international transfers as well.

When using the support site, submit your pledge into the system but then ignore the check out instructions and directly wire money into the building fund bank account (which appears below) rather than into the escrow account of our support system. Your pledge will then be marked as “paid” once your donation has been verified.

If you wire money and do not utilize our support site, please send an email to 2020fund at newphilly dot cc with your name, amount, and the name of your bank.[2] When wiring money, be sure not to change the sender’s name to something like “2020fund” as it makes it impossible for us to reconcile donations. You will receive an email receipt of your donation. If you’d like to remain anonymous, please let us know in your email.

        Bank: SHINHAN BANK (Seoul, Korea)
        Account: 100-030-693457 (NP펀드2020)
        Swift Code (international transfers): SHBKKRSE
        Bank Address: 374-5, SEOGYO-DONG, MAPO-GU, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA
        Bank Phone Number: +82) 2-333-4126

What is a faith pledge?
A faith pledge is a commitment to give an offering that is not currently in your ability to do so. You are trusting the Lord to provide abundantly (i.e., a new job, promotion, investment return, bonus) and when he does, you are committing to give this pledged amount before the year ends. Whenever the 2020 Fund is collected, people will be challenged to make a faith pledge. It is important to keep in mind that faith pledges are mainly between you and the Lord. We recommend making it prayerfully as you consider what you are trusting the Lord for. Instructions on how to submit it will appear on our 2020 Fund project page on our support site.

What is the difference between a firstfruits offering and a faith pledge?
These questions are addressed on the 2020 Fund project page. In short, a firstfruits offering is a commitment to give your first paycheck of the year. You must have a paying job to participate in this. A faith pledge is a commitment to give an additional offering by the end of the year as the Lord enables you to do so.

How do I submit my faith pledge?
Detailed instructions appear on the 2020 Fund project page. You may select the “Faith Pledge 2015” option on the support site. Please do NOT submit a faith pledge as a ‘One Time Donation’ or future ‘Firstfruits Offering.’

I’ve committed a firstfruits offering for four years but I’m pretty sure my income will change in future years, what should I do?
Submit your firstfruits offerings for all four years into the support site using your current paycheck amount and then you can always void future offerings and resubmit it if your income changes. Please send an email to 2020fund at newphilly dot cc if you void any of your pledges.

I live in Australia. May I give in cash or wire funds into the tithes and offerings account of my local NP campus?
Yes. Please discuss this with the finance admin of your church campus. Be sure to record your donation using our online support site so the building fund’s progress can be seen publicly.

How do I see the progress of the 2020 Fund?
Go to our support site to see progress of the building fund.

I do not currently have a paying job, how can I help?
If you do not have a stream of income right now, we encourage you to consider giving a one-time donation and making a faith pledge along with your donation.

How will the money raised from the 2020 Fund be used?
In our commitment to transparency and integrity, the promise of the 2020 Fund is that all money raised will go solely toward the following three purposes:


  1. Please take note that using a credit card incurs a 2.8-3% Paypal fee. When giving large offerings (anything in excess of $1,000 usd or aud), we ask that you wire money directly into the NP 2020 Fund account in Korea. Most banks in any country can arrange this as long as you bring the swift code, bank account number, and bank name/address.
  2. If you do not send us an email, we will list the donation as anonymous.


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