2017 Vietnam – Ra Hyun Ha

Father’s Sweet Gift

We met various local people in the land of Vietnam, from the cities to the rural areas, from young to old generations. There are a few moments from this trip that I cannot forget.

One moment is when our team visited a special minority tribe in a rural area. One person from this tribe had heard the Gospel through a Christian radio station. Through this one person, the entire tribe accepted Christ and became Christians. Our team had a service with them, and during the altar call time I felt like God saying, “Rahyun, these are people whom I love. Just worship Me with them. I’m pleased with that.”

Another special moment was when our visited a drug rehabilitation home housing about 20 men (from teenagers to those who were middle-aged. The service began with their worship and it was so passionate and sincere. The worship made me lift up praise and thankfulness to God with tears running down my face. “Father, Uou are really restoring everything by detaching every label these men had in the past. You are washing over them with Your love.” The Lord threw away their sin and shame. Only their pure hearts and souls remained in front of the Lord. And He sees the heart.

Through these experiences I realized the meaning of this verse, “God so loved the world, He gave his one and only Son” John 3:16. Each person and soul is so special and precious in God’s sight. Each person for whom Christ laid down His life.

On a personal level, this trip allowed what was bittern in me to be melted away and become sweet. I received Christ four years ago, and before I accepted Christ my view about life was very skeptical. I thought life as a kind of continuous pain. Even though God had been healing and restoring me, deep inside my heart I thought life was something that would always be painful and challenging. I just thought I had to endure and overcome it. My expectations for this trip were similar as well- I just needed to endure and overcome. But unlike my expectation, joy and peace overflowed in me throughout the entire trip. I felt unexplainable joy and peace. It was very supernatural. One day during a taxi ride our team shared prophetic words with each other. One team member said, “God wants to melt away the bitterness you had in the past, like making a delicious café latte: putting milk and sugar into bitter coffee.” This sweet and powerful prayer made me confess, “Father, I release my bitterness from my hands and let it go. Father, I don’t want to see this world through my bitter lens anymore. I want to enjoy and rejoice in this life. I want to enjoy and rejoice in each moment you have given me. I want to see through Your lens.” I felt God had been waiting for this confession, and He was so glad to hear this from me with my own lips.

These two pictures summarize my trip very well. I went to Vietnam like this first picture, but by the end of the trip I realized God prepared everything for me to go and serve. He is the Good Father who wants to do good things, the best things, for us yesterday, today, and forever.