2017 Vietnam – Daniel Lee

Come, Let Us Worship the Lamb

“And He came and preached peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near. For through Him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father.” – Ephesians 2:17-18

Thank you so much for your prayers! We have safely returned from Vietnam, and I am so happy to report that God is so alive and well in the church there! The first night, our team was blessed to worship with dedicated young people from a church youth group who were giving up an opportunity to go to a big-deal conference with Pastor John Bevere (who is a bit of a Christian celebrity), in order to worship with us, a small team from New Philly. Knowing that the body of Christ is one, we were able to pray blessings for the conference and for our team as well as we gathered in a much smaller and simpler setting. While I cannot report on Pastor Bevere’s conference, I can share that as those in our gathering praised God, the Spirit’s presence was so tangible- so much so that at one point when the power went out for a few minutes, we didn’t skip a beat but kept glorifying His Holy Name even more! This actually set the tone for the trip– the worship was full of presence and God’s love at every ministry we visited!

My promise verse for the trip was about how great and how high God is, unaffected by the ways of arrogant worldly men. And this was answered by amped up intimacy and presence in the humble churches that we visited. Our team also encountered fiery, faithful brothers and sisters that we were blessed to meet each day. We met people from young men overcoming drug addiction to church youth groups giving their all on a Saturday night service.

During the preparation for this missions trip, I had sensed two promises from God. The first was that there would be a seed deeply sown that might not see fruit until years from now. The second was that there would also be a harvest to be reaped that we ourselves hadn’t sown. I felt that the “seed deeply sown” promise was answered during our ministry to the Hmong tribe. We had prayed for the Hmong, and had heard about our being the first foreigners to reach the group in a very long time. The night before the ministry took place, as our team took turns praying and prophesying for the next night, I saw a cross that was flat on the ground that looked like it was melting, or like mud was sloughing off of it. I was a bit concerned, wondering what it could mean, but then the dross fell away and I could see the actual cross of Christ being revealed from underneath it and being raised up. Finally, I saw a golden crown.

The next day, we were surprised to learn that the Hmong had a wedding celebration planned on the same day that we were to minister! Personally, I could sense a holiness that humbled me even before this celebration began. Our team entered the local pastor’s home where the church had begun before it got its own building. Vietnam has so many idols and shrines in almost every home, hotel, and restaurant, that it was a real difference for me to enter a place where saints were dwelling. Our team had a chance to minister at the wedding with our children’s song and dance moves even to non-Christians. We also got to enjoy some Vietnamese Hmong banquet food, including glass noodles! After the wedding, we worshiped together with the Hmong church members at their church, and the song that came up most frequently from the Hmong church praise leaders was “We Enthrone Thee.” After the testimony and message, our team began altar ministry. It was during this time, as things were concluding, that I could again see the cross from my vision the day before, slowly being lifted up to completion. Our team was deep in the forests of Vietnam, and as the cross was being raised by our Hmong brothers and sisters in worship, I could just sense the glory of the victory being won. The crown had been a bit of a mystery to me the night before, but the unexpected wedding, together with our praise and worship enthroning Jesus as King and Lord, seemed to bring it all together for me.

The “harvest to be reaped that we hadn’t sown ourselves” promise I felt was answered on the final day, at the Nigerian immigrant church service. Our team worshiped, sang, and danced together with the congregation, and during the time of children’s song and dance, I could just sense a continuous flow of the Holy Spirit. I could see in my spirit the cross that the African-American and African communities have been bearing for a long time. I saw this cross being lifted up before God as a pleasing fragrance. It was a humbling and wonderful experience, and I deeply appreciate that Native Partners for World Missions (NPWM) takes its local and indigenous ministry partners very seriously in honoring their work and truly considering them as partners.

It’s been a privilege to go to Vietnam, and I am so thankful as team doctor that despite some headaches, stiffness, and tiredness, nobody was seriously injured. I know that God’s grace was covering the trip and that He has blessed me greatly in my time there.