2017 Nepal – Rochelle Watt

His Grace Is Sufficient for Me

“For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” ― John 1:16

If I could summarize this trip in one word, the word I would use is “grace.” As the first mission trip that I have ever done, God’s grace was so abundant. I became extremely sick on the second day in Nepal. Since there is still a lot of construction being done following Nepal‘s major earthquake in 2015, the country is covered in dust. As a result, I got an infection. My throat and chest burned, my nose was extremely congested, and my immune system had shut down, making my body extremely weak. Despite wanting to pass out and craving antibiotics, I was showered with God’s grace and was able to continue ministering to His people- to pour out love and pray for them with everything I had. As each day went on, I started feeling progressively better and experienced God’s healing power. It was clear to me that God’s love was upon me and that He was pouring out grace upon grace as I obediently did the work He called me to do. Furthermore, in addition to grace over our health, our team also experienced grace over our accommodations, over all the food we ate, and the perfect weather we enjoyed. The week was challenging, but it was such a blessed time with God’s favour upon us.

God’s grace was also evident upon the people of Nepal. Each time I encountered a Nepali, I could sense how much God loves them. During ministry times when we conducted alter calls and prayed for the congregation, God moved in such a way that I was able to see His people through His eyes. I would literally start crying as I prayed for them because God would whisper to me, “These are my blessed children whom I love dearly. I know them, I see them, and I am with them. Despite the destruction from the earthquake and despite the difficulty of being a Christian in a Hindu/Buddhist nation, my love and grace are upon them.”

Every, single moment in Nepal was memorable, but the one moment that was the most precious happened on our second day (the same day I got extremely sick). Our team preacher led us through Mark 2:1-12 that morning during our team devotion time. These verses tell the story of a paralytic man whose four friends laid him on a mat and lowered him before Jesus through a hole in the roof. That night we were told of a paralytic man that was not able to attend our healing service, so his family wanted us to visit his house to pray for him. When we entered the building, we climbed steep, narrow, wooden steps to get to the man’s room, which was on the very top floor. In the room, the man sat on a mat and was surrounded by four people. Mark 2:12 says, “This amazed everyone and they praised God saying, ‘we have never seen anything like this!’” This is exactly how we felt! The scene before our eyes was just like the story we had read about earlier that day during devotions. We were in awe at how God was revealing Himself to us in this way. I had completely forgotten how I felt physically, but instead I was so humbled that God was including me in the amazing work He was doing. We shared the Gospel with the man and his family and prayed for his healing. He didn’t receive immediate healing that night, but when we asked him how he felt, he smiled and said that he felt at peace (despite being quite cold and closed-off in the beginning). The time spent in that room will forever move my heart and stir up my faith.

This trip was definitely a life-changing trip for me, and there are two ways in particular that it really helped me grow. First, this trip allowed me to grow in boldness and confidence, especially when it comes to praying. Before I started attending New Philadelphia Church in April 2016, I often prayed quietly and timidly. I knew that God would hear my prayers regardless of whether the words were in my head or on my lips. But after attending New Philadelphia Church and being immersed in their strong prayer movement, I learned the value and joy of praying out loud. In the mission field, I noticed that my prayers were taken to an even greater level. There were many times that my team would pray together for a certain topic or person, and then my team leader, Sarah Suh, would ask me to close that prayer time with a concluding prayer. I felt so much confidence surge through my body and I would get excited as the team began to quiet down and it was my turn to pray out to God. Normally, I would have felt nervous or anxious, but being in the mission field really reminded me of the authority that I carry as a child of God. This allowed me to pray with boldness like never before.

The second way that the trip helped me grow is by giving me a fresh desire to do ministry. Before signing up for missions, I became very passionate about healing and deliverance ministry. I had such a desire to see people become free from sickness, strongholds, and oppression. God was so faithful to fulfill this desire since we conducted two days of healing and deliverance services. While in the mission field I developed a new passion for discipleship ministry. This ministry involves shepherding and mentoring people through their walk with Christ, and helping them grow spiritually. Pastor Saul mentioned that this type of ministry is much needed in Nepal since a lot of new converts (and even some pastors) are not able to grow deeper in their faith because they lack resources, teachings, and the people to help them. This really moved my heart and I was encouraged to think about how I could be a disciple to others by pouring into them everything that has been poured into me.

Finally, I cannot end my testimony without mentioning how incredibly blessed I was by being around Pastor Saul and his wife, Sister Mona. They are both such a beautiful reflection of Jesus and of God’s love. They are so dedicated to ministering to God’s people and to sharing the Gospel in every corner of Nepal. They were so generous to our entire team, and always went out of their way to ensure that we were comfortable and taken care of. Pastor Saul was particularly diligent in always making sure we had hot water each day. I was so blessed to see the love they have for each other. It is clear that Pastor Saul loves his wife as Christ loves the church, and it is also clear that Sister Mona is a strong backbone for her husband. Their marriage is so inspiring and encouraging, and it was beautiful to see them do ministry together.

Throughout this entire trip, God reminded me of how real He is, how close He is, and how He longs to show me His glory. Even before stepping into the mission field, I was blessed to have an overflow of financial support by raising more money than I needed. I had never imagined myself being a missionary– I never felt equipped spiritually, mentally, or physically. However, once I realized that God had called me and set me apart, I knew there was no obstacle that was greater than His grace. He has poured out grace upon grace, and this grace has been sufficient for me.