2017 Nepal – Mikyung Kim

Learning to Believe

“Therefore you are great, O LORD God. For there is none like you, and there is no God besides you, according to all that we have heard with our ears.” – 2 Samuel 7:22

At the 2016 Leadership Retreat, I decided to go on winter missions, and thus I started preparing for my first trip with New Philly. Personally, Nepal was the last place I thought of going, because I have altitude sickness. I automatically associated Nepal with the Himalayas and thought we would be in the mountains. I kept asking the Lord why He was sending me to Nepal when I’m not a fan of mountains and have little knowledge of the nation. But before receiving any information regarding our ministry in Nepal, I received many words about healing and miracles during the missions training sessions. My excitement started to grow. During one training session, Pastor Myunghwa prayed for me and shared that God will remind me of His promises during this trip. As I tried to remember what those promises were, I wrote my testimony on healing. Before leaving for Nepal, I felt that God would release many miracles of supernatural healing. Thus I was excited to see God the healer.

After an overnight layover in Thailand, our team arrived at Kathmandu, Nepal. When we met our two members from Sydney along with our native contacts Pastor Saul and Mona, we instantly connected. I couldn’t believe I was really in Nepal until we drove through the city to our guest house. As I watched the dust, the ruins, and the hopeless faces, I continued to pray that God reveal His hope to His people.

When I arrived at the guesthouse, I felt a heaviness in the atmosphere. I declared God’s protection and prayed cleansing over our room before falling asleep. The next morning during morning devotionals, God revealed that we would see much fruit. As we walked through Bhaktapur, I was shocked at the level of idol worship. There were idols everywhere, and even on the ground were red flowers and offerings. Although the loss of lives from the earthquake was very tragic, I believe that there is greater meaning behind the fallen temples. I saw many people carrying heavy bricks to rebuild the fallen temples, but the process seemed slow. It was sad to watch people trying to restore different idols, because they didn’t know about the true God.

A personal highlight of the trip for me was the healing services. Every day we did healing ministry and witnessed many supernatural healings. Even as I heard people testify with their own words, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.

On the second day, our team leader Sarah asked me to share my testimony at the service. I tried to remain calm, but I was worried that my testimony was not relatable to the culture. Thankfully, God soon gave me peace. We drove three hours and arrived at a small and humble church in Naubisay. One by one, people gathered and filled the room. After praise, I went up to the pulpit and shared my testimony. Everyone’s eyes were bright as they listened intently, and I could tell that they were desperately wanting to receive healing. Following my testimony, Pastor Susy preached and she opened up the altar. Our team laid hands on people and prayed for them. Afterwards, many people came up and testified. One lady shared that in an instant, God delivered her from 22 years of demonic oppression. People continued to testify, one after another, and I was very glad to hear all the reports. But they came so easily that I almost found them hard to believe. Even though I received supernatural healing myself, I was surprised at how easily the healings came.

When we returned to our guesthouse, I started to have stomach pain. I didn’t think much of it at first, and hoped it would just go away. When the pain intensified, I took medicine, but it was no help. It felt a little better after my roommate, Tae, prayed for me, but then the pain returned; I had to keep going to the bathroom. Then, I realized how much I had been relying on medicine, doctors, and methods more than relying on God. I repented and started to pray. This was when I could understand the hearts of the Nepali people. Because they can’t easily access medicine or medical care, they are much more in need of God’s healing. After the revelation and prayer, my stomach felt much better, and I experienced God’s healing once again.

I experienced physical healing through this trip, but I also received great inner healing from watching the Nepalis’ pure love for God. My faith was challenged as I watched Pastor Saul and Mona tirelessly walking hours, going from house to house to share the Gospel. The way they are establishing places to worship, shepherding the youth, and investing in leaders has really inspired me. I feel that our missions trip was simply reaping the fruit of the many seeds they’ve sown. Even though this trip was short, God matured me and taught me a lot. Through this missions trip, the miracles I’ve read in the Bible became real to me.