2017 Nepal – Aaron Krumsieg

Sow. Reap. Eat. Please Repeat.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” ― Galatians 6:9

This was a whirlwind of a trip! Each day presented a feast of experiences with plenty of food for thought leftover. As I write this more than a week later, I’m still being floored by some of the testimonies and recollections of fellow team members that I didn’t witness or fully grasp during the course of the trip. I will attempt to paint a small picture for you of how God used our team in conjunction with our Nepali brothers and sisters to build up His kingdom in ways both immediate and eternal. Unfortunately, these written accounts pale in comparison to the actual occurrence of these events. I would say that it was one of those you-just-had-to-be-there times, but it has become very apparent that those of us who actually were there are still looking at these events from a limited scope. As it turns out, our God is the only One who sees and understands all things. I look forward to hearing the full story one day. Despite this, I invite you to contact me with any questions/comments you might have as I realize that communicating my bit of the story, no matter how limited it may be, is an important function for the building up and unifying of the global Church.

Speaking of global Christianity: though relatively few in number, the Nepali Church is a force to be reckoned with. It was a huge blessing to see how God is using our brothers and sisters in Nepal to bring the wholeness and hope of the Gospel to their neighbors. During our trip, we had the privilege of meeting and talking with several pastors based in the Kathmandu/Bhaktapur area. Pastor BP– a primary partner on previous New Philly trips– travels for months around Nepal on his motorbike visiting, teaching, and mentoring at the 40+ churches he has planted. Pastor Keshav is a faithful local pastor and fearless pioneer in Christian radio and television ministry. Pastor Phurpu is a professional hiking guide who ministers throughout mountainous areas which are only accessible by foot. Pastor Saul and Mona– our primary ministry partners for this trip– are a young power couple who are unmistakably dedicated to their vision of church planting, leadership discipling, and evangelism. And these are just a few examples of God’s faithful workers in Nepal.

Coming into this trip, our team knew that we would be primarily focused on facilitating God’s work of physical and spiritual healing for believers and nonbelievers alike. As our days quickly flew by, it was amazing to realize just how significant the ministry of healing has been in the history of the Nepali Church. In our conversations with local believers, it was apparent that the vast majority of them first came to know God’s supreme love and power through a significant act of healing over themselves or a family member. Even in our short time of ministry, our team witnessed healings of many kinds– physical and spiritual, acute and chronic. It was both exciting and humbling to see how our team of internationals was given grace to merge into and help encourage the narrative of healing within the Nepali Christian community.

One of the personal highlights of the trip stemmed from a morning of home evangelism. Three teammates, Sister Mona, and myself went to visit a man named Dulsi. Dulsi’s mother and sister are strong believers who regularly attend church, but Dulsi himself never committed to Christian beliefs or to church-going despite the encouragement of many. As we began talking with him, it was obvious that he is a man of great intellect and deep thought. Even as a teacher and professor of natural sciences, Dulsi certainly spends much of his thinking time in the areas of philosophy and epistemology. He explained that he has many questions and reservations about the Bible and the Christian faith. He has spent some time reading the Bible and expressed his confusion and frustration caused by some of the content and the ways in which it gets interpreted. Having experienced much of this frustration myself, I was able to commiserate with him in many ways. I pointed out that despite having read and studied the Bible since a very young age, I too have many questions and obstacles that arise from what I read in the Bible and see in the Church. After a time of open and honest conversation, we wrapped things up by praying over Dulsi. Though our team did not have the time to address many of his concerns, Dulsi was still more than willing to let us to pray for his spiritual and physical health. Everyone was grateful for the conversation that had taken place, and our team left with the assurance that good seeds had been sown.

As I sat in the worship service at Pastor Saul and Mona’s church the next day, I was excited to look back and see Dulsi sitting behind me. This was the first time Dulsi had come to church in at least a year. We didn’t realize until later just how big of a deal this was to Pastor Saul and Mona and others in the church who personally knew Dulsi and had been praying for him for many years. It was a great church service of praise, testimony, teaching, and altar ministry. Pastor Susy, our team preacher, powerfully communicated God’s desire for the amazing power of the Holy Spirit to be in each one of us. After a moving time of prayer for impartation of the Holy Spirit and physical healing, a few people testified front of the church of the physical healing that they had just experienced. Needless to say, a number of us were ecstatic to see Dulsi walk to the front and speak of how he witnessed and felt the power of the Holy Spirit working during the service. During the time of prayer, he was healed of the chronic back pain that he had been suffering from for weeks. He communicated all of this with a distinct spirit of joy that did not come often to this rather even-tempered man. Praise the Lord!

God is faithful and gives grace to all who are willing to receive. Thanks to the humble and steady sowing of God’s people in Nepal, our team was privileged to share in a powerful harvest. Lord, I look forward to one day seeing how the seeds that were planted in faith during this trip will soon bear the fruit of Your love!