2017 Myanmar – YeEun Ha

My Strength and Rock

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; he is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the Lord made the heavens. Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.” – Psalm 96: 3-6

For almost the entirety of 2016, I had worked in a private research institute in Korea. Like many other Korean companies, there was a lot of overtime work, some sleepless nights, and much frustration. I knew that if I wasn’t careful, I would be burnt out. I knew the work environment was getting to me, and I just wanted to quit so many times. I was also spending less and less time with the Lord and reading the Word . My spiritual temperature was dropping. Although I received a boost during a leadership retreat, I struggled again- even in the missions preparation process. It was just so difficult to focus, pray, and seek the Lord.

Thus on our first night in Myanmar, I just had feelings of frustration, insecurity, and lack concerning myself, my spirituality, and my role in the team. I felt so unprepared and weak, but interestingly enough, during the debrief meeting the next night, our team preacher Pastor Marcus prayed over me. He said that God doesn’t call the qualified, but that He qualifies the called. The same night, during a time of prayer I saw an image of Myanmar in complete darkness, but God coming and lighting up the hearts of the people one after another in red. In this image the Christians of Myanmar, though a small minority, were scattered throughout the country and lighting up the land. Not only was I encouraged by this image, but God truly used our team to strengthen and encourage His people who were living for His Kingdom.

A few days had passed for our ministry in the cities of Myitkyina and Yangon, and by that time we had ministered to several local churches, witnessing many respond to altar calls, fall under the power of the Holy Spirit, and receive supernatural healing. Pastor Marcus and other preachers had continually spoken messages that exhorted God’s people to seek Him for rest, intimacy, and strength. Many people responded to altar calls for overcoming dryness and weariness, hardened hearts, fear, and discouragement. It was such a blessing to also see many full time ministers and church leaders be called out for prayer and fall under the power of the Holy Spirit. When praying for people at the altar, I saw an image of a big, strong waterfall coming to refresh and renew. Others team members also saw living water flowing, which all appeared to align with the preaching on renewing our hearts through intimacy with the Lord. God was doing a powerful work to soften hardened hearts, renew minds, and enlarge the faith of His people.

I was so blessed to see how God was working to renew and strengthen the hearts of His people. But it wasn’t just those who went up to altar calls who received, but my own heart and mindset was also changing throughout the trip. On the day that I had to share my testimony in Myitkyina, my team members prayed for boldness and confidence and prophesied growth in me. Although I was not feeling so nervous about sharing my testimony, I still had to fight feelings of lack and a mindset of comparison. I had the temptation to think that my testimony was so simple, powerless, and almost cliché that it would not make any impact. However after sharing, later on a team member affirmed me by saying how my testimony was so powerful and how it blessed him to hear it. The genuine affirmation encouraged me and I kept getting reminded of God’s love and how He wanted to use me in this way.

Not only did God have me step out in faith, but He also showed how He wanted to strengthen my spiritual senses and my identity in Him. After Myitkyina, our team returned to Yangon for another few days of ministry. During debrief that night, Pastor Marcus emphasized how Yangon, an area full of golden pagodas and temples, had a spiritual atmosphere very different from Myitkyina. Our team needed to be more cautious, watchful, and prayerful. Then we went to get some rest, but soon enough the warfare started. I had a nightmare and was hit with sleep paralysis, but later woke up and broke it off in prayer. Then when I was about to go to sleep again, I felt like I saw an image of myself in the fullness of my spiritual potential: a strong and mature warrior in the Lord. Reflecting on this later, I became very encouraged at how I felt God saw me and wanted me to grow.

Throughout this trip I was continually reminded of Pastor Marcus’ sermon on seeking intimacy in God and in always needing Jesus. Even if I had all His blessings, if I wasn’t coming to Him for intimacy and love, I could always make the mistake that Moses made in striking, and not speaking to the rock. This is what disabled him from entering the Promised Land. If I wasn’t careful in aligning myself to the Lord and seeking Him, I could end up serving by the “method” rather than by His voice. God had called, strengthened, and enabled me to be used by Him to bless His people on this mission trip. But He also wants me to be in full alignment with Him as I continually seek to walk in His steps. I am so filled with thanksgiving for everything that He has shown me in Myanmar, but I also want to be always on the same page as His heart.

Although Buddhism is the faith of the majority in Myanmar, gathering in its many golden pagodas, it is my continual hope and prayer that Christ alone would become the true cultural and kingdom heritage of this nation. Though for now only a few might follow Christ, I feel like God is lighting the darkness of the country through His people throughout the land. In light of this, please join with me in praying that many more will hear and receive the Gospel. Let us pray for a stronger growth of churches in oneness in Him, that His people be raised up to make a powerful impact in the country!