2017 Missions – Sri Lanka

Dates: Dec 26, 2016 – Jan 2, 2017

Our first New Philly team to Sri Lanka ministered all across the southern part of the country, reaching those of Sinhalese Buddhist backgrounds to members of the Tamil Hindu minority. We saw former Buddhists publically confess their sins for the first time. We preached the Gospel to 95 ethnic minority Tamils, and about a third of them received Jesus into their hearts! At a drug rehab center, 10 men responded to receive Jesus in their hearts and an additional 17 inmates received prayer to be set free from addiction. Back in Colombo, we led a rally for youth from all across the country. Another 4 received Jesus and 20 responded to the call to full-time ministry! We had the honor of meeting with a church plant worshipping in a militant Buddhist stronghold area, encouraging them to have faith like Caleb and Joshua even in the face of dangerous persecution. Praise God for how He moved during our trip! We are expectant for an even greater harvest to be reaped in this beautiful nation!

Team Leader: Sam Choi
Team Preacher: Myunghwa Choi
Team Members: Amanda Hawkins, Anja Heenop, Grace Kim, Heidi Chae, Jihye Eom, Jon Nivie, Kayc Hilihetule, Lisa Kim, Solnae Park


Amanda Hawkins
God's Grace is Sufficient

Anja Heenop
Loving Greatness of God

Grace Kim
A Gift That Marks A New
Heidi Chae
Entering Into My Father's
Jihye Eom
I Call to God

John Nivie
Footprints in the Sand

Kayc Hilihetule

Sam Choi
May They Be Brought to
Complete Unity

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