2017 Missions – India

Dates: Dec 26, 2016 – Jan 2, 2017

Our team preached the Gospel and empowered local churches in Thiruvullar, outside of Chennai, India. Over the course of 5 days we saw at least 120 people receive Christ for the first time, 14 people answer the call to full-time ministry, and 51 young people established in their dreams and destinies. We were honored to join a community of believers to dedicate their new village church after years and years of faithful sowing. We also witnessed Holy Spirit release His healing power, as a paralyzed man started to walk and move his hand again after receiving healing prayer! Praise God for the love and new life that was released and made tangible to so many through this trip!

Team Leader: Gina Kim
Team Preacher: John Park
Team Members: David Chong, Emily Tregelles, Hannah Chong, Jennifer Seo, Joshua Lee, Julian Cheung, Kayla Vezeau, Lydia Lim, Tammi Wenzig, Tiffany Maxwell


David Chong
The Simple Gospel

Gina Kim
Overflowing Love

Emily Tregelles
Stopped for the Ones He
Hannah Chong
To See the Unseen

Jennifer Seo
Joy for His Glory

John Park
The Power of Gratitude

Joshua Lee
His Love is Strong

Julian Cheung
Mutual Edification

Kayla Vezeau
His Power is Made
Perfect in Weakness
Lydia Lim
His Beloved Sons and
Tammi Wenzig
God's Faithfulness

Tiffany Maxwell
God's Goodness Is So


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