2017 Indonesia – Jamie Lee

The One Lost Sheep

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me;” – Psalm 23:4a

2016 was a difficult year for me, a year in the “valley of the shadow of death,” so I went into missions desperate for God to heal and renew the broken and scarred areas of my heart. Selfish I know, but I knew from the onset that this would be a very significant trip for me personally, so I had fresh faith and anticipation that something would happen.

I was able to take part in New Philadelphia Church’s first mission team to Manado, Indonesia. I was part of a team of 11 that ministered in the Manado region from January 9th to 15th. This was a trip marked with sweetness and joy. I laughed more over the course of the week than I had in the last few months of 2016 combined. God was restoring my joy and lighting up my heart again. Perhaps it was just the fact that it was a new year, but subconsciously I was believing that God must be doing new things. Regardless, I can indeed testify that God was doing something deep and real on this trip!

Our team took part in a wide range of ministry throughout this trip and I loved it! Especially because we spent a great deal of time with the college students at the local CCC (Campus Crusade for Christ) ministries in Manado, I felt parts of my heart becoming alive again. God was reminding me of His heart for the younger generation and of how truly they are carrying the mantle of His presence unto the broken and depraved postmodern world. And looking back, God spoke two things very clearly to me on the trip. The first was about the authority I carry through Him.

I’ve heard for some time now, “Oh Jamie, you’re powerful!” But it wasn’t until this trip that I began to believe that I am a powerful person in regards to the words that I speak over not just over myself, but also over others. At a house service on Friday evening, I felt God giving me a flashback of 2016. As I saw various incidents that shaped my year flash by, and I felt God saying, “See? Here, you spoke life so there was life and here, you spoke death so there was death.” I felt strongly in my spirit that God was telling me to declare joy and breakthrough for my 2017. The feeling was so surreal. In that moment, I felt like God had given me a superpower, and I had an uncanny faith that it was real and accessible. And with this, I felt also God telling me very poignantly, “Speak the gold out of the people you’re going to encounter in the new season. Speak life over them, specifically over the one lost sheep.” This leads me to the second revelation I received from the Lord: His heart for the one lost sheep.

That same Friday evening, the team was split up and stayed in the homes of some of the local church elders. The elder I stayed with had three children and the middle child was highlighted to me. Her name is Siya and she’s a fourth year med student. Her mother told us that she had taken a year off of school due to sickness. I felt in my spirit to ask what the sickness was. Basically, Siya described the symptoms of depression. I knew right then and there that God had divinely orchestrated for my teammate Esther and myself to be housed with Siya. Suddenly, parts of my 2016 started to come to mind and make sense. Those times where I struggled with depression, those moments of wanting to end my life, of feeling so disconnected and misunderstood and of feeling unloved and unaccepted. Through my own “valley” moments, I was able to a greater degree empathize with Siya. Esther and I prayed for her that afternoon, but I also felt led to pray for her again in the morning. I looked into Siya’s eyes and spoke the words I wish someone else had spoken to me. I affirmed her of her faith, her worth, how God has great plans for her, and that God’s eyes are on her. In the beginning, she couldn’t make eye contact with me but eventually, she looked me in the eyes and I could tell she was getting touched. It was divine that sister Wany, the wife of our local contact who serves in the campus ministry, was also there. She connected with Siya and told her to come check out the college fellowship when she returns to Manado for school (which happens to be near the CCC base!). God’s heart for the one lost sheep is so real! Only HE could orchestrate something like this!

Manado was such a sweet, sweet trip. It was a time of empowerment, salvation, and joy- where the Holy Spirit drew together and mobilized a group of strangers from Korea and Australia to flow together in prophetic unity. It was a trip where I came to the resolve that my source of joy is in bringing glory to the Father, however this may look. My seasons of wandering in the valley created a space for me to help that one sheep lost in her own valley. God is so faithful, and all glory be to Him!