2016 West Papua – Jazzmin Duff

The Fierce Love of a Mighty Army

I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! – Psalm 46:10b

I had the privilege of leading a team of twelve (six from Korea, and six from Sydney) on a missions trip to West Papua, Indonesia. For about a week and a half, our aim was to partner with the local ministry there, led by Pastor Tandi, our NPWM (Native Partners for World Mission) contact. Well before we left for our trip I felt the urgency to pray for our ministry in West Papua. I could sense that God was already moving and calling us to discern what He was doing, and to partner with a great move of His Spirit. We were headed into a spiritually dark area where witchcraft and idolatry are prevalent.

Upon arrival I was taken aback by the scenery. West Papua is a beautiful island lined with plush green palm trees, surrounded by dewy mountains and crystal clear beaches. Each morning as I sat on the porch of the Love Papua Training Center, our home base, I took a few moments to take in the scenery and soak in the spiritual atmosphere. I could hear the Lord saying that His name, the name of Jesus, will be exalted and lifted to the highest place in West Papua. Every other thing that has taken a high place in the land and in the hearts of the people will be cast down and Jesus will have supremacy.

“I call you Jesus. Nobody greater than you. Nobody stronger than you. No name is higher than the name of Jesus. Nobody bigger than you. No one can do what you do. No name is higher than the name of Jesus.” These song lyrics from “I Call You Jesus” by Israel Houghton echo in my heart as I think about how God is moving in West Papua. He is at work to train and equip a mighty army of sons and daughters who know how to fight against the schemes of the enemy. This song actually begins with a war cry and leads into a chorus of people singing about the supremacy of the name of Jesus. This was the exact spiritual sound I heard throughout the entire trip. The sound of a mighty army rallying together in one voice, moving in unity and making advances into enemy territory.

During our time in the field, I had the opportunity to speak at a dawn prayer meeting held by several ministries in the city. As I prepared I felt very strongly that God was giving me a clear word for His church. Stand your ground. Stand against the work of Satan that tries to intimidate and dominate God’s people, as was shown even through the recent terrorist attacks in Jakarta. Stand against the plans of the enemy to snuff out the younger generation by luring them into compromise and worldliness. Pinpoint the enemy’s tactics, pray strategically, then move forward in the authority given to you by Jesus. You have authority to make war against and conquer the devil. You have authority to reclaim God’s people and territory. As I was preaching and exhorting the church leaders to take their place as the people of God in Indonesia, I couldn’t help but feel a stirring in my spirit. I felt that God was reestablishing unity amongst the believers. Once awakened, God’s army is unstoppable. In that moment I felt that God was releasing a new sound in West Papua. The sound of his sons and daughters crying out for God to establish His rule and reign and to call down heaven onto earth.

Over the next few days our team came to realize that Pastor Tandi’s vision for his local ministry, as well as the youth ministry, is to raise up an army of mighty warriors. Hearing this made me chuckle because that is the vision of our church (New Philly) as well! God couldn’t have been more strategic by sending our team to partner with this ministry. We were so eager to release our full spiritual inheritance upon every congregation we met. Because we are solidified in our identity as mighty warriors, it was easy to reveal God’s heart to each person we encountered.

A key moment that changed the course of our trip was during a team meeting. The previous days leading up to that were hazy and I could sense that something was off. I gathered the team to pray and we discerned that God wanted to break down walls of apathy and slumber in order to encounter the youth. I led us to warfare for the youth in West Papua and to break down obstacles that tried to hinder them from experiencing God. Our team preacher, Pastor Paul, then led us in a time of prophesying over the youth revival we had scheduled for that night. One by one we spoke out what God was highlighting to us, such as the Spirit of God moving upon the youth in power at the altar, and young people individually receiving God’s love. I sensed that God was releasing a breaker anointing for our team to move in that night. We would break down walls in the hearts of the youth and also break down walls in the spiritual atmosphere in order to make room for Holy Spirit to flow. That night we walked into the youth revival feeling alert and ready to see God move in power just as He had revealed to us. And just as we prayed, God poured out His Spirit upon the youth and they experienced new levels of worship, freedom, and joy.

Though we experienced intense moments of spiritual warfare and exhorting God’s mighty army, there were also sweet pockets of rest, joy, and love woven throughout the course of our trip. Just as we (and as many of you) prayed, our trip was undoubtedly marked by supernatural unity and joy! Despite having only been united at Makassar Airport at the start of the week, our team became close very quickly. Laughter echoed throughout the training center from the wee hours of the morning to the late hours of the night as we met to seek the Lord in prayer and worship, had debrief meetings and also spontaneous dance parties. This joy was not based on our circumstances because at times we were sleep deprived, very hot, and physically ill. But the joy set before us was truly greater than any obstacles we faced. As the team leader I was extremely blessed to see everyone serving each other and ministering from one heart. We shared so many special moments which are now sweet memories that we all share and can look back on.

The Bible talks about outdoing one another in love. Before this trip our team had a devotional based on 1 Corinthians 13 which basically says that you can be a super powerful Christian, which we are called to be. But if you have not love you are nothing. Nothing! Thus it became our unspoken mission to be united in love, but we were outdone by the love and hospitality that we were shown by the native pastors and families. Not only are these families committed to the heart of God for Indonesia, but they operate on a level of love that I have yet to comprehend. The takeaway for me is that mighty warriors go forth in the anointing of the Holy Spirit to expand God’s kingdom, but we also move in love as we continue to receive a revelation of God’s love for us and His people. There is always more of God’s love for us to encounter and there is always more love to give. We can’t lose sight of the love that has transformed us, and thus flows through us to transform others as well.

Please continue to pray for West Papua! God is bringing the church into alignment with His heart and vision for the nation of Indonesia. You can start by praying for God to strengthen church leaders like Pastor Tandi. When the local leaders are equipped and trained for the work of the ministry they are better able to shepherd their churches. Then their church members can reach out to the local community and bring transformation to that area. You can also pray for the youth. Pray that they will be a generation set apart to be forerunners in godliness. Also pray that God will keep the fire of supernatural hunger for His presence burning in their hearts.

I have returned from this trip with a full but hungry heart. I’m in awe of how God is moving in West Papua and how He used our team to release His Holy Spirit fire and love. For as much as I’ve seen already, I want to see even more. I have a renewed hunger to encounter God for myself and to see Him move through me and around me. I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the new year. As I continue in full time ministry, I have much to look forward to because I know this is just the start of something so much bigger. Thank you for your partnership and support!