2016 West Papua – Jamie Lee

A Kairos Moment

Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment.

I will not be able to aptly and justifiably articulate my experience in West Papua even with the most eloquent words and phrases. The work that was done is deep, too unfathomable for words and trying to tie it all together in limited space with coherency has been difficult. But here’s my feeble attempt at stringing some words together to convey how transformative the past 10 days were.

Prologue: West Papua 2016

Missions wasn’t on my radar this season and it wasn’t until I was told I am required to go that I signed up. I completed most of my missions training while in Seoul, and from the beginning I was honest about my disengagement with this mission season. My heart was completely disengaged from the nation, the people, and the mere fact I was going in a matter of a couple of weeks, thus my prayer sowing was at an embarrassingly minimal amount. Up until the night before my departure, I told one of my friends how I felt I’ll be dragging my feet to the airport the following morning. It wasn’t until our 2nd layover in Makassar (our flight to West Papua consisted of three planes over a 24-hour span) that I felt the Lord calling me to repent and telling me it’s not too late to do so. I had a renewed zeal and determination to not survive the 9 days of ministry but to truly thrive.

In West Papua

Needless to say, God honoured my last minute prayers of repentance and crying out. I felt a supernatural grace and unresolved peace that it was going to be okay. Little did I know, the next 9 days would be more than okay to the extent that it was actually more than amazing. Prior to the trip, I felt there was going to be a strong temptation to compare this trip to my first trip to West Papua back in 2010. In that year, our team saw over 100 physical healings and numerous deliverances. However, there was never a temptation to compare although in the natural, this trip looked very different. I knew the supernatural things being done were DEEP and it was a trip where the fruits of our sowing would multiply into the nation of West Papua. This thought exhilarated me and for the first time in a long while, I felt more alive. It was my first time stepping out in preaching and teaching seminars, but the shared sentiment I felt after each session was something inside of me was awakened. The feeling was so sublime. It was thrilling and I got a deeper revelation of what it looks like to partner with God! Not being a servant obeying the master, but actually partnering with Him to expand His Kingdom!

Although God used me to release fresh wind for a prayer movement, raise up intercessors for Pastor Tandi’s (our native pastor contact in West Papua) church, and release healing and deliverances from habitual/occultic sin, there were other key moments where I personally felt ministered to. God ministered to me in regards to affirming and confirming the fact I am meant to stay in Sydney, but also on a deeper level of inner healing. There was a family our team got to spend a great deal of time with. The father (whom we fondly called Papi Stefanus! Papi means dad ☺) is part of the Love Papua Training Centre staff and his personal testimony of coming to West Papua was giving up his expansive business and moving his family out of obedience to God’s call. Our team wasn’t able to communicate with the father or mother (Mami Lily!) fully because of the language barrier, but their daughter (Karen) was there to translate for us a lot. I personally received a lot of healing from watching the dynamic between Papi Stefanus and Karen. Although I’ve been healed and dealt with the things surrounding my dad’s sudden passing five years ago and the fact he wasn’t saved, I didn’t realize there were certain aches in my heart until I saw their relationship. One of the highlights was when I was leading a woman in a prayer of forgiveness for her husband who left her for another woman. I had Papi Stefanus and Karen join me for translation and extra prayer. There was a key moment where it was just Papi and Karen ministering and in that moment, I felt an unexplainable tug at my heart. Puji Tuhan (Praise the Lord!) the woman felt a burden being lifted and she was able to forgive her husband. But it was Papi’s words at the end that gave so much encouragement and strength to the woman. And in that process, a deep chord inside of me was struck as well.

God did a deep work in regards to my personal inner-healing, but He also did work to affirm and confirm I’m right where I’m supposed to be in Sydney. I was dealing with doubts of whether or not I heard God correctly when I felt He was challenging me to stay and I felt in many ways, my time in West Papua was going to set the tone for this new chapter of transition in my life. All I can say is… God is so good (cue the tears as I’m typing this) So, so, so good. During the trip, I felt I was reaching new levels. Prior to a few of the services, I would get very clear visions and impressions of how the services would unfold. But I felt a timidity and decided to not share with the rest of the team. As I shared with my team during debriefing about this and how I wasn’t bold enough to share, one of the things Pastor Paul, our team preacher, said to me was “Take your place. You have good discernment and your words have weight.” I knew in that moment, God was using my campus pastor to bring me to new levels. Pastor Paul really put a demand on my anointing as he exhorted me to step out in faith. And through the fruit of stepping out, God made it clear that I heard correctly.

Post West Papua

There are many mixed emotions being back. PMS (post missions syndrome) is real and I can’t recall the last time (or if ever..) I felt it to this extent. In shortness and simplicity, your prayers and finances went in deep. As I was reflecting on this trip (and all the many things that happened and if I were to write them all, it’d be a book) I can say indeed my time in West Papua was a kairos moment. God gifted me with this opportune time to experience healing, growth, and empowerment. He also gave me even more zeal to continue to want to build up my community at New Philly Sydney with a shepherd and father’s heart. And all I can say is I’m so thankful to God that He’d want me to partner with Him- someone who was initially so reluctant and unwilling. This trip was a divine set up and I couldn’t have asked for any better way to start my 2016. Truly, God renewed my hope and zeal that this year as I transition into being an intern pastor, breaking ground for a college campus ministry, and handle personal responsibilities, there’s a grace to not just to survive but to thrive.

On a grandeur scale (much, much larger than myself) God is moving powerfully in West Papua. The evidence of God’s love for that nation is real and when I think about the people, the pastors, and the staff at Love Papua Training Centre, Matthew 5:8 comes to mind. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” God is using West Papua to release fresh wind to the nations. Pray that there will be more people sent out as missionaries from West Papua. Pray that God will continue to prosper and bless Love Papua Training Centre. Pray for Pastor Tandi and his ministry, Makarismos Church. Pray that until His Kingdom comes, West Papua will be a nation that’s pure in heart. Thank you for sending me. Thank you for allowing me to experience a transformative 9 days. Thank you for your love and support.