2016 Vietnam – Suzie Lee

Reminded and Renewed

This past semester was one of the hardest semesters of my life. After my six month exchange program in England where I barely attended church and was surrounded by non- believers, I had to adjust back to Seoul life, which consisted of Emmaus, prayer meetings, church, church, and more church. In the beginning, I was honestly a little jaded by my lifestyle in Seoul and realized that deep down, my wonder and fire for God was gone. I was too consumed with chasing after other things like success, acceptance from the world, and trying to be a “covert” Christian. This eventually sucked out the love and fire I had before. During worship, it took so much for me to raise my hands and declare that God was the source of my life. Out of faith, I took in sermons and believed that He was with me. I prayed despite feeling like He wasn’t there, and I had to trust that He was my portion. I knew I needed more of Him to fill me up and I was striving to have that fire again, but I didn’t feel like I was really getting anywhere. That being said, I signed up for missions out of faith. I felt like I didn’t have the overflow in me to serve, but I that God would fill me up before and throughout the trip. I trusted His grace to be stronger than my weaknesses and shortcomings, and hoped that He would give me genuine faith again.

Our team ministered to all types of people groups, from college students to the elderly, from Nigerian expats living in Ho Chi Minh City to the remote Sting tribe living by the Cambodian border. We were really blessed by our native contact, Brother Sang Ho, to be connected with so many ministries and churches. We got to witness that God indeed is moving in Vietnam with a small but growing and influential army rising up across all age groups. My most memorable times, though, were in the small moments of our trip. As the VBS (children’s dance ministry) director, I was on stage for almost every day of our trip. As I danced in front of various crowds and looked across the room, I felt God’s love for His people and it stirred up a greater desire to break the ground. It was such a familiar feeling. As I was dancing, I felt a greater sense of freedom, joy, and the Father’s heart.

Another small but memorable time was our two hour van ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Nai. In the van ride, our team started to contend for unity in the local church community we were going to. Next to me was Jane Kang, our team treasurer and wife of our team leader Louis. I had just had some painful diarrhea on our way there, but I had to shift into the spirit while my body felt like death. As I started to contend, I heard Jane intercede with precision and power. She was binding up the spirit of division and it reminded me how to see things in the spirit. Honestly, I couldn’t believe for the things we were contending for in the natural, but I asked God to help me believe. With my desire to pray, catalyzed by Jane’s loud cries out to the Lord in the background, God gave me faith to believe that His spirit was with us and that we were breaking the ground with our intercession. I just had to get over my logic, emotions, and unbelief and simply trust in the Lord! We saw a powerful service that day and I believe that we sowed in seeds for that church to be a leading ministry to unite the local churches together in love.

Another memory I have is at a small house church in Danang. This is also a small moment but it brought me breakthrough in how I saw God and intercession. The house church led us in worship and including some Vietnamese translations of Korean worship songs. I was sitting next to Pastor Myunghwa, who was neither singing nor interceding for a powerful service. Instead, she was basking in the presence of the Lord and quietly saying, “God, you are wonderful. God, you are great. God, we love you. We love you so much.” This reminded me of how to be at rest before the Lord. Moreso than going hard in shandala handala and interceding with the best prayers, I was challenged to just look at God with wonder and love. I felt God’s thick presence, and couldn’t help but to lift up my praises and heart to Him. It shifted my worship to a whole new level throughout the week, where I could not control my praises to God at other churches, van rides, or even in the shower :]

There were so many little moments that reminded me of the God that I serve, and of the faith that sees not in the natural but in the spirit. Our God is so limitless and grand and I cannot box Him into my logic. Faith is what pleases the Lord, and this trip reminded me of what true faith in the Lord looks like. These small but impactful memories reminded me that the Christian journey is not one based on striving or what we can control. Rather it is founded on rest, grace and an overflow of love! I feel so renewed and I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

Supporters, this testimony is just a snippet of all the things God did and is doing in Vietnam. The fruit in Vietnam is so ripe, and it is just a matter of time until God transforms this Communist nation to one of true freedom and love. Please pray for our contact, Brother Sang Ho. This man is set apart by the Lord. He has a similar calling to that of Joseph in the Bible. Please pray for his protection, wisdom, and greater stewardship as God takes him to greater levels of influence, government power, and fame in His name. Please also pray against the spirit of idolatry in the nation. Almost every restaurant, taxi car, and home has incense or a small idol/altar, and the spirit of idolatry is rampant in this nation. Please declare that God is the only true God of Vietnam, and there are no other gods but Him. Lastly, please pray for the youth of the nation. Some of these high school/ college students are so on fire for the Lord! Pray for their discipleship, wisdom, and more of God’s anointing to truly be the next generation to change the currents of this nation. We believe that God will work through these students powerfully and open doors that no man can shut.

Thank you for partnering with me and praying for the nation of Vietnam and our team. We felt the immense covering during our trip and could not have done it without you. The fruit is ripe in Vietnam, and I am expectant to see powerful and drastic changes in the nation for His glory! Thank you.