2016 Vietnam – Mali Masinga

There’s So Much More to See

From of old no one has heard or perceived by the ear, no eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for him. – Isaiah 64:4

In the middle of January, I was sent out along with 11 anointed leaders of the New Philly community to the land of Vietnam. We were overjoyed and slightly challenged at being the first ever team from our church to make this trip. Our team member River, who is an Emmaus alum now living in her native country of Vietnam, had sown in prayer for many years to make this mission a reality. This was my first missions trip with New Philly and I had heard so many incredible testimonies from seasons past. Armed with weeks of seminar preparation, I felt ready and almost sure that God would show up through healings and crazy manifestations. Of course, God blew the tiny perimeters of my human mind and exceeded my expectations. I was humbled to see how much the Lord has in store for those who love Him.

Throughout our 10 days in Vietnam, we went to different types of ministries, including house churches, revival services and the most surprising being a community of Nigerian expat believers. Watching “my brothers from the continent” doing body worship will forever remain one of my highlights of the trip. Wherever we went, it seemed the recurring message was that the Father yearned to pour out His heart for His children. This meant all our services were generally a sweet time, filled with tears and gentle proddings from the Holy Spirit. I was glad to see this, but in my heart I still longed for more.

On our of our most packed days, we initially found ourselves singing old school jams from Sunday school and youth group days. We had just ministered at a Sunday service, and then visited some pastors and their families to pray over them and have fellowship. As we sang, it was initially a very lighthearted session. But before we knew it, the worship was going deep reminding us of our First Love and His faithfulness throughout the years. At that moment, I felt so content in the Lord- just praising Him and being taken back to the time when I first came to know Him in my youth. I had finally started coming to peace with the fact that even though the trip didn’t look like what I had expected, God was shifting things in the spiritual realm. I knew that even if I didn’t get to see dramatic things happen in the natural, He would surely bring it to pass in His own time. It was at this moment that our local contact, Brother Sang Ho, received a call on one of his many cellphones. He told us that our day was not about to end anytime soon. We were to ready ourselves for more! We were going into the home of a new believer to break down an altar!

In many Vietnamese homes, there are altars are usually set up as small boxes containing idols and burning incense. Outside countless homes we saw these small altars displayed in high places and clearly visible for all to see. Our brother explained that although the owner of the home had been born into a family of non-believers, he had become saved and baptized. However through inheriting a home from his father, he had become discontent with the many altars set up in the home and had been waiting many weeks for someone to remove them in the correct way. I was very blessed by this man’s obedience to the Lord. Not only that, I was overoverjoyed by how much more God had in store for this man and his family. Joy and praise rang out from our team as we watched Bro Sang Ho lift his hammer and break every piece of the altar stand into nothingness. We had thought our day was over, but God had more in store. He wanted us to know that He was able to do what He said He would do. He wasn’t content with us just believing in our hearts, but He physically wanted to show us a small glimpse of what He was doing in the nation of Vietnam.

Please join me in praying for our contact in Vietnam, Brother Sang Ho. Pray that God would strengthen him and send him a mentor to disciple and encourage him in his great, God-given vision. Pray also that first generation believers would be bold to stand up to their families and be obedient to the Lord. There are many young people who are going to be the light in their families, and this is not an easy road. However we know that God has promised not to leave them nor forsake His children. Finally, pray that Vietnam would recognise their only Source is God, that the idols would fall, and that hearts would turn to the one true God. Pray for revival to come to Vietnam- for many to experience salvation, for the Holy Spirit will be poured out powerfully to heal, and to bring to repentance many hearts.

This trip took me way back to when I first started walking with Christ, at 11 years old, in an English classroom. I was introduced to Jesus and life was never the same. God reminded me how much I used to truly treasure those times and the crazy dreams I used to dream. But the Lord reminded me that there is so much more that He has in store for the nations and for His children.