2016 Nepal – Jenn Seo


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. – Romans 15:13

2014 was the most difficult year of my life. So I spent most of 2015 in recovery mode – recovering from all the trauma – emotional, mental, physical, and just in general. Therefore I was so thankful by the time missions was announced. The Lord had taken me out of the pit – just enough – so that I was able to have the soul-space to even consider thinking outside of my own problems! For that alone I was so thankful! So I felt a lot of joy, excitement, and peace whilst preparing for missions with the rest of the team members from the New Philly Sydney campus. Working full-time and preparing for missions was no joke! But it was such a joy to prep with fellow Aussie missions people and to journey like this together.

While I was preparing for my trip to Nepal, I kept on thinking – “How can I pretend to understand what these people have gone through,” “I have nothing to offer that will make life easier for these people,” and “What can I give to these people that will make any real difference?” As I wrestled with myself and with the Lord, I was convinced that His presence was going to show up – without us even trying. Let me explain. As I was reading and meditating on Mark (in the Bible), I noticed that there were many instances where demons would recognise Jesus first – before Jesus had said or done anything – just because of who He was and because of the anointing that was on Him. And the impression I received from the Holy Spirit before leaving was that the pleasure of God was all over our team – because we were a team made up of sons of God that were first known by the Father. In other words, I was convinced that there would be an ease for our team due to the sonship and faithfulness that we had each been stewarding for a long while. We would not need to strive in order for His glorious presence to manifest through us. And so it was.

One example of this is a woman who was set free from unforgiveness at one of our services. Our team spent all day on the windy, mountainous roads and travelled all day to get to the Hetauda region. We then took a couple of buses (including one where we rode on the roof with no seatbelts!) over and through rivers and streams to get to a small village about 2 hours from Hetauda. We were asked to lead a revival service in a small church at this village. About 171 men, women, and children packed into the small brick building and after a team member shared her testimony about being persecuted for her faith and how she is still enduring this to this day, Pastor Caleb (our team preacher) gave a message on hope and forgiveness. Pastor Caleb led an altar call for those struggling with the sin of unforgiveness and 11 people came forward to receive prayer. I joined my team member and we prayed for a middle-aged lady. She was earnestly praying out loud and through a translator, was able to let us know that she had unforgiveness towards one of people in the village. This person had ostracized her from the community because her faith in Christ, accusing her of being a “witch.” Further, actual witches had put curses on her.

As we led the woman through forgiveness prayers, the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart that this lady also needed physical healing for ailments that were related to her unforgiveness. After we led her through a forgiveness prayer, she was very happy. But we asked her if she was suffering from any physical pain. She mentioned that her right eye had been blurry and that she could see black spots whenever she closed them. So we lay hands and prayed for healing just as Jesus did! After the first time, her vision did not really improve. She responded by telling us that a previous team from overseas had come and lay hands just as we were doing and nothing had happened then, and that she was content to just live for Jesus. But we gently challenged her to believe for full healing! We explained that sometimes even Jesus needed to pray more than once, and that we wanted her to also have faith that the Lord could completely heal her! As I had got the impression that her sickness had been related to her unforgiveness, now that she had dealt with that, I was so confident that Jesus was going to heal her! Whist we were praying for her the second time, I could immediately tell that her attitude had shifted to a place of faith! She began to lift her arms and she started to manifest under the power of the Holy Spirit. When she opened her eyes the translator asked if her vision had improved, and even to his shock she told us that her eyes had completely healed! No blurriness! No black dots! Hallelujah!

The following day, our team split into 4 groups to visit 4 different churches in the area. I was the appointed intercessor for Pastor Caleb so I followed him. Once we arrived at the church, there was yet another man with black spots and blurry vision! So Pastor Caleb called me over and we prayed for him and he was completely healed! Hallelujah! No striving. Only sonship. Praise the Lord!

Of course there was a lot of warfare prayer here and there, but for the majority of the trip whenever I got to pray for people, God gave me specific words of encouragement and words of knowledge. I was able to declare, decree and comfort His beloved people with a supernatural grace and ease. I was desperate for the Lord to show up, but at the same time it was not with the desperation of a slave, but of a son. This is because I knew that even the demons would recognise us when we entered the room. Our team was walking in sonship. We were walking in His anointing. We could only do what the Lord had ordained for us to do, so we were able to minister boldly, yet with a quiet confidence- knowing that we just needed to be in tune with His heart for His people.

According to our local contact, Pastor BP, the church is rising up in Nepal! Ever since the earthquake, Christians have been doing many goods deeds and people are being drawn to the Father! And hope is also rising! Therefore please pray with me – pray for the salvation of more souls in Nepal, that the Nepalese church would remain unshakable, and for the perseverance of the saints and that every brother and sister in Nepal would know their identity in Jesus!

Thank you for covering myself and the team with your prayers. Christianity is not merely a religion! It is such a glorious, adventurous and exciting relationship with our God who is so loving and so alive! Thank you for enabling me to experience His wondrous works in Nepal! Thank you for sowing financially as well! I hope your faith is stirred up to live for His glory! Cos this life is so short. And for all who call Jesus Lord, we know that He is worthy of it all. We can never outgive Him!