2016 Nepal – Hannah Chong

Moving Mountains

…For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you. – Matthew 17:20

As I look back and reflect upon my missions experience in Nepal, I cannot help but be thankful to God for everything He did, from beginning to end: in the team, in the lives of the Nepalese people we ministered to, and in the new relationships we were able to form throughout the trip. If I had to use one word to summarize the entirety of our trip, it would be “faith.” I believe this statement is true not only of me, but also of the team. God provided us with several opportunities to believe in His ability to move in and through us.

One word that myself and several other team members received regarding this trip was “healing.” On our first night in the field, we had a time of sharing our expectations and hopes for what God would do. One by one as each person shared, God indeed confirmed that He desired for us to release healing – both physical and inner healing. I believe this word of healing most definitely tied in with the trip’s theme of faith. This caused us to have great anticipation for the things God would do, and we truly began to believe that our missions experience would be marked with healings, signs, and wonders. One key moment when our team was placed in a position to contend in faith in this area was at Chainpur village. After Pastor Caleb shared a powerful sermon on finding our identity through the Gospel, he led an altar call for people to come up and receive healing. One woman reported to having chronic head pains, so our team gathered around and laid our hands on her to pray. We prayed for her once, and we asked her how she felt, but she replied saying she she felt no better. We prayed and asked her a second time, and still she gave the same response. However, our team did not become discouraged, but continued to persevere in supernatural faith. In spite of what we observed in the natural, we knew beyond reason, that God would move. We prayed yet again a third time and still the breakthrough did not come. Suddenly, I began to weep, as the Holy Spirit gave me insight – I came to understand that the woman was holding unforgiveness in her heart, and there was pain deep there within. The healing we were contending for had to begin in her heart for it to have an outward manifestation in her physical body. When I shared this word of knowledge with her, she confessed to holding unforgiveness towards her father in law and expressed the desire to forgive him. She followed after us as we lead her into a prayer of forgiveness, and soon thereafter, she stated that the pain in her head had miraculously disappeared. This was a moment for me to recognize that first, when we practice faith, it must be tied to our revelation of who God is, because His character never changes. This allows us to push past circumstance, and trust in who He is – in this case, it was to trust that He is a God who can heal; He is Jehovah Rapha. Secondly, faith is a gift from God. As the team was praying for this lady, the faith I had for her healing did not come from trying to muster it on my own. Rather there was supernatural intervention that gave me the ability to persevere in intercession.

I am continuing to walk and live out in faith, and continuing to learn what this means. Every day we have the ability to choose faith over circumstance – faith is a decision to be made. Yet peculiarly enough, that is the simplicity of it. Faith is a decision; it only requires but one choice to reach the destination that He has called us to, and we need not do anything else, but choose Him.