2016 Nepal – Brock MacDonald

Jehovah Rapha

As we were training and meeting in preparation for this year’s missions trip to Nepal, the team shared what God had been speaking to them about what this trip would be, to help us grow in our faith and expectation. The word several people on our team received was healing. My immediate thought was inner healing, and helping people process and deal with the tragedy of the earthquake earlier this year. Two or three people shared this word, and we were amazed at how consistently God speaks, and were encouraged. The next person, Pastor Hannah to share said ‘I agree that there will be healing, inner healings, but I feel like God is emphasizing physical healing.’ I was immediately challenged in my heart and I wondered if I had faith that God would do that. I was totally convinced that God could, but I wasn’t sure if He wanted to, but then Pastor Hannah said she feels Him leading us in that way. Healing definitely was something God continually highlighted to us as a team. I guess we would see what God would do!

After a long day of travel, we were in Kathmandu. I was excited and getting a feel for the culture and flow of ministry. The air was cool and dusty, the roads crowded and rough. We drove for a little less than an hour, through winding roads. The people in Kathmandu seemed to lack joy, contrasted by their vibrant buildings with bright paintings. Even the children at the first session seemed to be weighed down. I sat with a few boys who were getting a little rowdy during Pastor Caleb’s message on hope in Christ. They looked like there were a little younger than 10 years old. At the altar call for healing, these two came up and stood in front of me. Through a translator I learned they had chronic headaches – one of the things a teammate had called out as something they feel God wanting to heal. I prayed for the older boy first, and after praying I asked him, through a translator, how he felt which he replied by shaking his head ‘no’. I prayed again and he said that his headache was gone! God healed him that day! I was so excited! God healed before my eyes as I asked! This little boy had childlike faith and his expression seemed to say, ‘well yes I’m healed, you said God could heal me, and we asked him right?’. I talked to the little boy beside him, and discover the two are step brothers, explaining their propensity to rough house with each other and the connection. The younger one too had a chronic headache, every day. I was so excited to see God move again, and briefly told his older brother to pray with me, to ask God to heal him. We prayed, and the younger felt no better. The elder looked at me as if to say, ‘why didn’t it work?’ So I explained sometimes we have to pray more than once, like we did with his healing moments before. We prayed again and the younger brother’s headache was healed!! Now, both boys had smiles on their faces. The older brother explained that the younger often gets a fever at night so we prayed for that. I encouraged him to keep praying for his brother at night. He agreed to continue to pray. Afterwards we had a snack time and got to share a bun and some tea with these two (pictured above). Their countenance seemed lighter and I was so thankful to see these boys healed. My heart was filled with the same hope that Pastor Caleb had preached on – the hope that we have in God, our saviour and redeemer. I continue to pray that these little boys who encountered God that day, will continue to seek and call on Him.

I have often called out to God to heal in a moment of crisis, hearing a friend is sick. My reaction is to pray, and sometimes I see God heal. This was my first experience of instead of hearing who is sick and reacting with prayer, but being proactive and taking prayer to any who are sick. I had a greater sense of faith and authority to do the things Christ and His disciples did. God has continued to heal since then, 48 more times on the trip, with almost half being 100% healed. He has continued here in Seoul, with 3 more people being 100% healed of things like chronic back pain for 20 years, or a decade of knee arthritis. God is our healer. I am so grateful that He involved me in His powerful work.

He healed so many in Nepal, and will continue to. He does not sleep or rest from His work. Please join with Him and pray with me that the people of Nepal will trust and hope in God more and more. The churches in Nepal have grown since the tragedy, and the persecution has lessened as they see the power and love of the gospel in their hearts. Pray that the Christian is encouraged in their faith, and the pre-believing people will open their hearts to Jesus. Pray for provision – there are more than 600 church communities Kathmandu, the capital, alone that lost their buildings in the earthquake and are still without a viable meeting location. Many people lost their homes and possessions. Pray God will pour out his provision as the government currently favours helping the secular establishments but will not aid the churches. Pray that people will find shelter in God, not just spiritually, but physically. It is the coldest season now, and a hard time to be without a good home. The local church we partnered with has built 500 dwellings for some of the worst affected areas. His provision is perfect, is already going out. Pray it continues. Pray for their hope, the pre-believers, and for God to provide for His communities and individuals.

This was just one story from one person, of what God did over the week. There are so many more stories that you had a hand in creating. Thank you so much for you support! Thank you for sending me, and the team. We were able to truly encourage and build up the church there and You were a huge part of strengthening the Bride of Christ.