2016 Missions – West Papua

Dates: Jan 20 – 29, 2016

Our team ministered at Makarismos Church and Love Papua Training Center (LPC), had revival services and joint prayer gatherings with various churches and a high school, and also did home visitations. 45 inland tribal church leaders and youth attended the four-day training camp at LPC. 870 people total attended our services and prayer meetings. 41 people responded to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, 17 youth responded to receive fresh fire for prayer, and 6 members committed to daily intercession for the ministry. 60 responded to receiving the Father’s love and 11 to releasing unforgiveness. Many who came to altar manifested through crying and some ever fell under the weight of God’s glory. There was deep mutual edification through our partnership. Praise God for the mighty saints rising up in West Papua!

Team Leader: Jazzmin Duff
Team Preacher: Paul Yoo
Team Members: Alex Quach, Anna Isabella, Grace Cho, Graciela Kim, Jamie Lee, John Park, Kate Park, Louise Kim, Macey Martinez, Sarah Suh


Alex Quach
Love is a Choice

Anna Isabella
Just Look Up

Grace Cho
The Greatest of These is
Jamie Lee
A Kairos Moment

Jazzmin Duff
The Fierce Love of a
Mighty Army
John Park
A Steward of Blessedness

Kate Park
The Prayer of an
Unrelenting Saint
Louise Kim
Struggle in Prayer

Macey Martinez
The Fruit of a Jellyfish
Sarah Suh
Met By Love


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