2016 Los Angeles – Sarah Kim

Dry Bones to Life

This is what the sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life. – Ezekiel 37:5

From January 12-22, I had the honor of being sent with a team of 13 to Los Angeles to be the hands and feet of Jesus- serving and loving the people at KCCC (Korea Campus Crusade for Christ) and HolyWave (the English Ministry of Sarang Church). Throughout our missions preparation I was constantly reminded of our church’s theme, Isaiah 61:1, where we are exhorted to go out in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and to bind up the brokenhearted, proclaiming freedom for the captives. I knew this ministry trip would be a very relational one. Thus I was eager, expectant, and excited to see how God would move through our team. Throughout this trip we confronted some religious and apathetic hearts, but ultimately we witnessed God breathe new life and freedom into the hearts of many.

Our team’s main ministry event was at the four day Converge Conference in Anaheim, hosted by with HolyWave, the English ministry of Sarang Church. The theme of this conference was Dunamis, which comes from Acts 1:8 and means God’s power and might in Greek. Knowing Sarang Church’s background of being a conservative Presbyterian church, our team wondered how the Spirit would move. And the Lord, as always, was faithful to show up.

The ministry time that stood out to me the most from the conference was the last night, after Pastor Erin’s message on overcoming shame. Pastor Erin shared her testimony about living with shame and guilt from her past relationships, and how God delivered her. After the sermon, Pastor Erin opened up the altar for people to respond by confessing their own personal sins. Half the room came up. They came up to be set free from their deepest, darkest sins and shame. Our team and the HolyWave pastors led these brothers and sisters in confessing, repenting of, and renouncing these sins. We then established new identities over them. We had people repent of sexual sins and lust, masturbation, addiction to pornography, drugs, homosexual tendencies, self-hatred, and more. It was a vulnerable and beautiful moment, and God moved so powerfully as He used our team and the HolyWave pastors to break off all shame, guilt, condemnation, and strongholds. The Lord established new identities and allowed His children to experience freedom through His mercy and grace.

The first person I prayed for at this altar call was a brother. His eyes were closed and I gently touched him on the shoulder to let him know that I was ready to listen. As soon as he opened his eyes, he looked embarrassed that I was a girl, and then he broke down. He sobbed uncontrollably for a while and I kept assuring him that he was in a safe place and that God is not shocked by our sin- there is nothing new under the sun. He finally poured out all of his struggles with lust, specifically his addiction to pornography and masturbation. I could tell by the way he was crying that this was something he had struggled with for so long in isolation and self-condemnation. I proceeded to pray and break off the yokes of lust and addiction and established him in his new, true identity. I declared that he is pure- clean as snow, and that God is bringing renewal in his eyes and spirit. For me, this was very new. I’ve never had a brother confess his sins to me, but I felt so much of God’s grace and freedom in this exchange. There is no judgment or separation in the love of Christ.

I also prayed for a sister at the altar, and it turned out to be such a divine appointment. This sister confessed her sins of self-harm and self-hatred. She shared how people would never expect this from her, but deep inside she had been struggling for a long time. I broke off all lies of the enemy and prayed God’s love over her. As she was weeping, I could tell God was touching every emotional wound and showing her the Father’s love. And suddenly I had a flashback. I remembered my last Sunday before leaving for this ministry trip, my campus pastor (Marcus Corpening) prophesied over me at the altar that I would break off depression on the trip, and speak beauty into peoples’ self-image. I knew this was the girl he had been speaking about. I went on to pray Psalm 139 over the sister, that God was intentional when He knitted her together in her mother’s womb, and that He was giving beauty for ashes and crowning her with beauty.

These are just two of the many stories that our team experienced in the field. By the end of the conference, many peoples’ countenances changed because of the freedom they experienced. Indeed the Lord was causing dry bones to come to life. The Lord moved so powerfully and radically and by the end of the conference, the attendees finally understood and released over one another, “You’re a mighty warrior! You’re victorious!” There was such a change in the spiritual atmosphere and everyone was glowing. We concluded the conference the next day with an epic all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ. During this lunch, the team got to relationally connect one last time with the sons and daughters of HolyWave. The kingdom advances forward through relationships. Through this conference, I felt a unity building between New Philly and HolyWave members, and a mutual edification in the process. I remember glancing over to my team members, and noticing that everyone’s faces were glowing. Building relationships and connecting with people is life-giving and you can’t help but feel life and joy in experiencing this.

Our team started the conference confronted by religious, dry, and apathetic spirits. But we saw God moving powerfully, releasing streams of living water and breathing life through the sermons and seminars. Peoples’ hearts are on fire at Holy Wave and God is strengthening the body and leadership of their ministry. HolyWave will never be the same again. Please keep HolyWave in your prayers, that they will play a huge part in bringing revival to all the other English ministries in the greater LA community. Pray also that people steward the fire of the Holy Spirit and that through this, their ministries will be strengthened. And lastly pray for longevity- rest, renewal, and inspiration over the pastors at HolyWave to lead this ministry to greater heights for the glory of God.