2016 Los Angeles – Jimi Bang

Be Still and Let Go

Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! – Psalm 46:10

From January 12th to the 22nd, New Philadelphia Church sent eleven leaders to minister at a 4 day conference called Convergence held by HolyWave Church in Los Angeles, California. It was an honor to start 2016 ministering to the people of God with team members from New Philly’s Seoul campuses, New Philly Sydney, and an alum from San Francisco. The LA team was blessed to have Pastor Anna as the ministry team leader alongside Pastor Marcus (both campus pastors from New Philly Itaewon). We witnessed physical healing, inner healing, people coming to repentance, salvations, and the Spirit of God’s love touching many lives. This ministry trip was also where I learned to be at rest while ministering to others.

On our arrival at Los Angeles International Airport, we were warmly welcomed by Pastor Sunny (one of the pastors from HolyWave), who greeted us with genuine smile while holding a poster hand painted “Welcome New Philly.” Pastor Billy (another pastor from HolyWave) was also there, welcoming us with his lively energy, helping us to completely forget about our jet lag.

On the first night of the Convergence conference, the New Philly team joined with Holy Wave staff and pastors to pray healing over the head pastor, Pastor Jeff, and to pray for Holy Spirit to break through into the conference. I was deeply moved by how the whole HolyWave staff and pastors desired for every young adult and married couple to be touched by God’s grace and His unconditional love.

But right before the first session of the conference started, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I couldn’t find the altar blankets, which were my responsibility. I felt that I had failed God because I was entrusted to take care of these blankets. Before worship began, I grabbed my team member Lindsay to pray peace over me and break off this attack. God spoke to me that what mattered the most was for me to be fully be alert to what He was about to do. God said, “Aren’t the people that you are ministering to more important than the altar blankets?”

As each session progressed, God was breaking the ground through the messages that released through Pastor Christian and Pastor Erin. People were slowly opening up in their small groups, worship was becoming extravagant, and more people were responding to the altar calls. We knew God was wanting to release a great spirit of revival amongst the entire congregation.

On the last night of the conference, I was appointed to babysit Shiloh. This meant that I would miss the entire night last session. Rather than being disappointed, I felt confident that God was setting up a divine appointment for me. I was able to strike up a conversation with one of the leaders of HolyWave. I was amazed by his genuine heart to invest his time and energy to get visitors and new members plugged into the community. God naturally led our conversation to the topic of striving and rest. I was able to share with this leader that God never wants us to strive for His approval. Striving is a place where we rely on our own understanding and strength, which opens doors for disappointment and brings weariness to our souls. But it is in the place of rest that we are actively engaged with God no matter what our circumstances, and are able to have faith in Him alone. I could tell that this leader was really taking in the truth. Not only was he blessed, but I also felt like I was being ministered to as I continued to speak life over him.

As the night session progressed, it was tempting to fall asleep in the dark room while baby Shiloh was sleeping. But my spirit wouldn’t allow me stop praying for people who were going to be touched by the Holy Spirit. What in actually was three hours of praying felt surprisingly like only thirty minutes. One word that God shared with me in the place of prayer was “empowerment.” I prayed the word over the HolyWave community, but I wasn’t quite sure what God meant. It wasn’t until I got permission to attend last few bits of the night session that I got to see the whole community praying for one another. The college students were honoring the older married couples, and the older married couples were blessing the younger college students. The congregation members didn’t need just their pastors to pray blessing over them. Rather God was empowering the community in the truth that they have the Holy Spirit and authority to edify one another.

I’m amazed at how God moved so many hearts at the Convergence Conference. I thank God for opening up divine appointments for me to speak truth and encouragement over His precious children. Without a doubt, I have faith that He has started a good work, and will certainly bring it to completion.