2015 West Papua – Sunny Kang

Evidence of God in West Papua

I have been waiting to go to my first missions trip for over a decade! For one reason or another, God had kept on closing the doors on me. After finally being able to go on this trip to West Papua, I have a feeling I know why God wanted me to wait so long:

  1. God wanted me to go with the BEST!
  2. God knew I wasn’t as ready the other years to receive all that He had for me.

Being in my position as a pastor with certain influence at my church, I had a desire to join New Philly to bring something back to Las Vegas. God did not want to mix up my missions experiences with a wide range of experiences. He had gold for me and wanted me to receive it. There were so many elements of this trip that made it feel complete: preaching, praying, healing, prophesying, teaching, serving, and fellowshipping. But of all that can be shared, I will share two experiences.

The first experience was the first evening. As soon as the team got off the plane and had a casual brunch at Pastor Tandi’s house, we needed to get ready for ministry right away. We had a 2PM, 3:20PM, and a 7PM service/training to lead at Love Papua Center. By the time we were starting our 7PM training, Pastor David was feeling that God wanted to call up people to receive healing. This was both exciting and nerve-wrecking for me. Exciting because I know God heals and this is a very encouraging sign of His presence. It was also nerve-wrecking because I was asked to share a healing testimony and pray for healing myself! Here I was reminded that God is bigger than my fears and experiences. What God wanted to do was bigger than my little paradigm. He wanted to show His love and presence to a people who were hungry for Him. So the testimonies were shared, the people came up, and people were prayed for. Things happened so quickly that it was hard to tell what was happening. Thankfully we got a count at the end and it went something like 17 people admitted they needed healing, 42 people actually came up to be healed, and 41 people testified to receiving healing! That was an incredible Day 1.

The second experience that I want to share about was when we went to a high school to minister to students. It was an outdoor setting with an outdoor auditorium set up. Students were allowed to go home, but many were curious about this foreign group that came to visit. There were over 300 students. Many sat in the outdoor auditorium, some watched from beyond the auditorium, some watched from the balconies. After introductions, some fun VBS songs, and a testimony, it was my turn to deliver the Word. The somewhat excited students, thinking it would be all songs and dances, kind of lost focus at one point. During the message, I could see New Philly team members praying silently against any opposition, as one girl was manifesting out of nowhere. The message was preached, an altar call was made, and all the students stood up. I wasn’t so sure they knew what they were saying so I asked everyone to sit down again and reiterated the call to turn less to friends and family for a love that only God can give. Most of the students stood once again. What stood out the most, however, from all the students that stood, was a Muslim girl who was urged by her friends to leave with them at one point. Though she was urged to leave, she felt she had to stay and hear the Word, which she did. Having worked with many hungry Christians all week, it was encouraging to see God working through a non-Christian who was being pressured otherwise. In a similar way, every day we saw evidence of God. The team reached new levels and will not return the same. The testimonies, lessons, and relationships built are all reasons to be thankful. It’s great to partner with God and with a local body that is in it for the long haul.

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