2015 West Papua – Delia Nugent


Shalom! I am so excited to share with you about my missions trip!! I am so thankful to each of you who supported me through your prayers and finances. You need to know that each of you has made not only a personal impact in my life, but also a global impact for the advancing of the Kingdom of God!

There is so much to share. It’s hard to know where to start, but here it goes. We had a full week of ministry. We met with local pastors, high school and Bible college students, church leaders, church members, and church families. To say that my trip to West Papua was powerful would be an understatement!

For most of our trip, we ministered to inland pastors from around West Papua who gathered to a training center called Love Papua Center, run by Pastor Tandi (our native ministry contact). The center provides Biblical training and teaching for men and women of God, equipping them with the tools to take back to their churches, villages, and tribes for the Lord. During the first 3 days, our team led 11 sessions/prayer meetings with these leaders. We taught on the heart of the Father, forgiveness, being a son of God, significance in a name, prayer, spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit, and so much more. These leaders were so hungry for the Word. During every session, they were taking and sharing notes. During altar call ministry time, you could see God working in each of them. Some gave testimonies of how God was moving in their hearts, and it was amazing that He had given members of our team specific words for specific leaders.

Before each session, one of the leaders from the tribes would lead everyone in a tribal song. It started out slow with a simple call and response but then the tempo would increase and we would all be clapping and jumping together. At first, none of our team knew what was going on. The melodies for the songs were always the same but we had no idea what there were saying. During one session, one of our team members, Jisu, preached on conquering sin and I gave my testimony on true repentance. Jisu connected her teaching and my testimony to the story of the prodigal son and you could tell the leaders were really connecting to what she was preaching. At the beginning of the next session, the men started again with the call and response but this time it was different. This time they acted out the scene from the prodigal son story when the son returns home and the father embraces him with open arms!!

The team realized that the songs and chants sung before each session were connected to what they were learning. It was such a powerful moment for me because it was an indication that these leaders were truly understanding the teachings they were receiving from our team but more than that, they were finding ways to communicate what they had learned in their own way. In that moment I heard God say, “This is why I sent you and your team.” These were already leaders who loved the Lord, and the foundation was there. But God just wanted us to help equip them, to give them tools to take back home, and to encourage them.

Personally for me, this trip elevated me to new levels in my walk with God, my leadership, and my relationships with others. A few months before we started the entire missions process, I felt God ask me how I would respond if He called me to lead a team. In that moment, as terrified as I was, I submitted and replied, “God, if you ask me to, I will.” Months later, the missions process began and I’d forgotten about that conversation with God. I applied, checked the box that said I’d go anywhere and told anyone who would listen how much I really wanted to be sent out. I had no idea what that really meant at the time.

Then I got the call. When I was asked to be team leader, God immediately brought our previous conversation back to mind and I just had to laugh. It was one of those laughs you do to keep from crying. I didn’t feel ready or adequate enough to take on such a role, but I trusted my leaders and more importantly God, so I said yes.

I never thought I’d be “good enough” to do the things God was calling me to do. I had my doubts and fears, and I put those above His desire for me. Frankly, I put more stock in my own perception of myself instead of my true identity in Him. One night, as I was preparing to preach the next day, I was struggling with whether I was doing a good job as leader and whether I’d be able to pray, preach, or minister “correctly.” I confessed to God that I didn’t know what to do or say, that I felt like I didn’t know enough, and that this was all a big mistake. Being the good, good Father that He is, God very clearly told me He loved me, that He was proud of me, and that all He wanted was for me to say yes. Yes to Him, and yes to His will. I didn’t need to DO anything. I didn’t need to be better or learn more, or study harder. In that moment, I was just His. I was enough for Him because He called me His and would give me everything I needed to minister His truth and love to His people. From there, everything shifted.

Throughout this entire missions process God has stretched me. It’s like I stepped into an elevator with direct access to the penthouse floor. I’ve been elevated to new levels in leadership, walking in His authority, knowing who I am, and trusting in Him. It would take a meal and a marathon to explain it all, to which I’m not opposed. I am so blessed to have been sent on this missions trip to West Papua with a team hand-selected by God. From my team members, to Pastor Tandi, to the West Papuan people, I have witnessed the love of the Father in so many, many ways. I know that God is working powerfully in the nations. Please continue to pray for the local pastors, churches, and youth in West Papua. God has done so much already but what’s amazing is there’s so much more to come! Thank you!

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