2015 Nepal – Yavina Yalin

Seeing Nepal Through God’s Eyes

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6

Before going to Nepal, honestly speaking, I had no heart for this nation. When I prayed for Nepal before arriving, there was no passion in my heart. However, the moment we landed in Nepal, God started to open my eyes. Through this trip, God opened my eyes to see Nepal from His perspective. God taught me to embrace this country as a beautiful country despite its developing infrastructure. I also learned to embrace the Nepali people as family despite our language barriers. But more than anything, I was able to witness God’s great love and affection for this nation. While I was in the field, God specifically used the local pastors and Nepali youth to show me that He truly loves Nepal.

On our first day of ministry, the team met with all the Native Partners for World Mission (NPWM) local pastors expanding God’s kingdom in Nepal. While these local pastors were sharing, I repeatedly asked myself, “Can I be like them?” They have powerful ministries. Some of them sacrifice their time and strength to go into the mountain villages to reach the unreached. They provide food, medicine, and education for the uneducated people living in remote areas. They serve faithfully to raise up more native pastors through discipleship and leadership training. Uncle BP, who worked the most closely with our team, is even involved with a political party which recently won a seat in the Constituent Assembly. However, there is strong opposition that these ministers are facing every day as Christians in Nepal. I still remember what one of the pastors said, “While we as God’s believers are active, satan is also active. But we cannot stop spreading the Gospel because of the enemy’s attacks. We need to continue.”

After listening to their stories, I was almost moved to tears because these pastors’ love for Jesus is so big, and because of how God always pours out His grace over His people. These ministers serve their congregations without expecting anyone to repay them. They serve wholeheartedly despite facing the risk of being imprisoned. They have served The Church for over 20 years because they love Jesus. I was wondering how they were able to sustain their ministries for such a long time without any hindrance. And finally, I understood. These men and women see Nepal not in their own eyes but in God’s eyes. They are my superheroes.

In addition to having fellowship with the pastors, our team also had opportunities to minister to Nepali youth. But ultimately, these youth ministered to me. Their hearts for Jesus are so pure and the way they sang worship songs was beautiful, like angels. They are hungry for Jesus. One particular moment that stood out was when I was praying for a 10-11 year-old girl. She was praying and repeating “Hallelujah” while I was praying. Tears rolled down her cheers as soon as I invited Holy Spirit to touch her. She started to shake and speak in tongues and then fell under God’s glory. This young girl reminded me of the first time I was baptized by the Holy Spirit. After that one encounter, my life changed and my heart started burning for Jesus. Looking at this girl, I believed Jesus would change her life as He did for me. God sees these youth as future teachers, professors, pastors, missionaries, and even prime ministers of Nepal. As I was able to see these youth as God does, each of my prayers kept on increasing in authority.

Throughout this trip, I felt very honored and inspired by the local pastors and their ministries. I had the privilege of listening to their stories and even praying for them. I was deeply blessed by the Nepali youth as we were conversing. God is lifting up Nepal out of poverty and idolatry. God has led me to envision Nepal as a Christian country where all people will bow down under His name. Therefore, I would like to invite everyone to pray with me for churches in Nepal to rise up and to be bold in spreading the Gospel. Pray for protection over the Christians as well. Even in the face of opposition and persecution, there is no fear because we know God is our protector, and no enemy can touch His people.

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