2015 Nepal – Joel Kim

He Will Finish What He Started

And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in You will bring it completion at the day of Jesus Christ. – Philippians 1:6

My trip to Nepal was a humbling experience. One of the prevailing themes throughout our time in the field was the idea of “redemption,” because the experience of New Philly’s previous Nepal missions team wasn’t the greatest. However it was clear throughout the trip that the seeds sown by the previous team through much difficulty have sprouted into good fruit. One of the most impactful moments of our time in the field was meeting various local missionaries and pastors and hearing of how they came to Christ, and how God has been regularly encountering them in supernatural ways. I was reminded all in all, that ultimately God will be faithful to complete the work that He had started in Nepal, and that the burden does not rest solely on our shoulders!

This fact was made clear to me starting from our first ministry engagement at Lord’s Assembly Church in Kathmandu. I gave a brief message about being able to ask God for anything, and how God always provides supernaturally. I was even able to share testimonies of when God provided for me in many supernatural ways for my personal support raising as a missionary. When the senior pastor of the church came up afterwards, he shared that my testimony was a regular occurrence for many of the church members. I began to realize that in many ways, although our church was seeking to bring supernatural fire, the Nepalese are no strangers to the movement of God among them. This was further confirmed later in the trip when we met with a group of local pastors at the Native Missions Training Center in Hetauda. I was blessed and humbled to realize after hearing their stories that most of them came to believe in Christ through supernatural revelation. I was blessed in the testimonies that were being shared, and I was humbled in the sense that I felt these pastors perhaps had more to offer to us, than us to them! Nonetheless, we were able to minister as guests and as ministers sent forth to this country, and the pastors received ministry so humbly.

This trip really brought encouragement, peace, and joy to my soul in the spirit of Philippians 1:6 which proclaims, God will finish the work He started. From the team’s interactions with the local pastors, to the culture of the Nepalese church, to seeing so much lasting fruit from our last trip. No matter how much anointing or fire we carried as a team to the revival events, in the end we knew that it is the Lord who will sustain and grow the church in Nepal long after we leave. We have the privilege of partnering with God in His story for Nepal. Granted, the burden lingered to make the “most of our trip” while we were in Nepal. But through the encounters with the pastors, God made it clear to me that we don’t bring revival- He does. Our team was able to go back home in perfect peace knowing that God used us as He saw fit, and that His work and mission in Nepal will continue to go forward and bear fruit with or without us!

Of the many unique aspects of Nepalese Christian culture, one thing that I commend and admire about the church, is that they are ambitious to take the Gospel to all mediums, including film. The Nepalese church has a sprawling online Christian film presence where many of them are taking up filmmaking as amateurs to promote the Gospel message. As a media pastor it’s on my heart to see many prayers lifted up for the continued creativity and productivity of the church in Nepal to push the Gospel forward in greater ways through media. Pray for more resources so greater production value can be added to their films. Pray as well for more people to be exposure to these films, so that many would come forward, be challenged and convicted, and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I am confident that in this information age in which we are living, the Nepalese will shine as lights in the Christian world with their industrious desires to spread the Gospel in unconventional and creative ways.

The last time a New Philly missions team entered Nepal was 2012. Since that time, much has happened in Nepal and the church is at a different place to where it was back then. It is clear that God is on the move and that when we return in the future, the church in Nepal will be taken to even greater levels. I’m thankful for all the things God has done and accomplished through our team, and I look forward to seeing and hearing of testimonies about the impact of this trip. God has been the author and perfector of Nepal, and He will continue to play that role. There is such freedom knowing that in our partnership, we can never fail Christ—for Christ Himself is overseeing all things for His greatest glory, and all we’re called to be is faithful. What a joy and peace we have knowing that His faithfulness to His people in all things will be greater than ours, yet He is able to use us to accomplish His purposes- that we can be one thread in the grand tapestry of His greater plan!

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