2015 Nepal – Hannah Yoon

I Am a Child of God

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. – Galatians 5:1

Though I had certain expectations and ideas of what this trip to Nepal would look like, God went above and beyond anything I could imagine. Before leaving for the field, I shared with my team that I had some doubts about how I’d be used on this trip. As the team photographer, I was tempted to hide behind my camera so I wouldn’t have to lay hands and pray for anyone. I doubted that God would use me to do anything powerful. But right before departure, I was reminded that I am an anointed minister. In the end, it isn’t about what I can do, but it is God who will do the work. I held on to one phrase before leaving for Nepal: no striving. This really set the course for the trip and I felt a lifetime of chains of fear and doubt break off while I was in the mission field. There are a few specific moments on the trip where the Lord particularly broke through with freedom.

Our team had the privilege and honour of working with Uncle BP, who was our local contact through Native Partners for World Mission (NPWM). Uncle BP is a well-connected man in Kathmandu. He was our translator and guide for the whole week. On our first full day in Nepal, the team had the chance to minister at a youth service at Lord’s Assembly Church. My team leader Jae Hee asked me to share my testimony. But even before she asked, I felt that I needed to be ready to share my story of rejection, and how God had healed me and brought me to a place of acceptance. Normally after sharing a testimony, I am very hard on myself for any mistakes I may have made, or things that I may have left out. But this time after I shared, I felt peace and was content. I could see the youth relating and being moved by God’s love as we prayed for them. I was so thankful that God used my testimony to encourage and empower the youth.

The next day we travelling as a team to Hetauda, a city south of Kathmandu. It was about an eight-hour drive through the hills and valleys of Nepal. It was a beautiful opportunity to see remote mountain villages and schools, and to interact with the people who live in these areas.

Upon arrival, we were able to rest up before launching into a full day of ministry in a small church outside of Hetauda. Before we started any ministry, I could already feel that God was preparing to do something big in that room among the youth. There were children as young as three years old in the room. As I was observing the group and praying for them, a random statistic came to my mind. “1% of the world’s wealthiest people own more than 50% of the world’s wealth.” Then God told me to look at the Christians of Nepal. Only 1% of the population in Nepal is Christian, but God told me that I was amongst the wealthiest people of the nation. I was in the presence of royalty. These were the princes and princesses of Nepal, despite their poverty in the natural. This was an eye-opening revelation for me and set the tone for the rest of the trip. I was so moved by the devotion and zeal for the Lord demonstrated by His people. Despite persecution and many being ostracized by their families, they were 100% committed to the Lord. Whenever we would meet pastors or local church leaders, I was always moved by their stories. It was an honour to be able to sit with them. I come from Canada, where being a Christian is so easy and even taken for granted. Christians in Nepal simply love God, want to know more of God, and live faithfully despite the risk of being shunned by family members and even their churches being destroyed.

On that same day, after the sermon, there was a time of prayer for the sick. Though I was in charge of taking photos, I decided to put aside my own hesitations and pray for the sick by faith. One of my personal prayers for this trip was that God would use me as a vessel to bring His glory and healing to His people. I went up to one girl, Anitathing, who pointed to her forehead. I prayed for her head to be healed and that she would no longer feel pain in her head. She started to pray as well and suddenly, she fell backwards. Later, she was the first one to testify that she no longer felt the pain in her head, and I was able to see a transformation in her face. She was now walking in a lot of joy and excitement. I was in awe that God would use me to set someone free. I started to wonder, “How does this all even happen?” But I realized that it was when I stopped striving that God was able to move the most powerfully. I didn’t feel any kind of heat or fire in me, but God moved just because He chose to move at that time. Later on when a girl again fell under the fire and glory of God’s love through my prayers, I knew that God’s sovereign power was beyond my own ability. All I had to do was be myself, obey God’s leading, and trust in His love for His people.

I am so thankful for this trip. God opened my heart and my mind to who He is and who I am before Him. God established me in my identity as His child, and also expanded my heart for the nation of Nepal. And I know that because God loves Nepal, He will transform and empower it to be on fire for His Kingdom and His glory.

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