2015 Myanmar – Lydia Lim

God Never Fails, His Love Never Fails

Love never fails…And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:8,13

Even before arriving in the field, God had been opening up ways for me to go on this missions trip. There were some obstacles that I faced prior to departure. I remembered that I was a bit hesitant to sign up for missions because I wanted to get my mother’s permission before applying. I was quite surprised that my mother said okay after briefly explaining to her what missions really is. But I was also completely broke when it was time to pay my personal trip deposit. I typed out an email and sent it to Lisa, our Missions Director, telling her that I might not be able to pay on time. But lo and behold, one day before the deadline, my mum wired over just a little more than enough for me to pay the personal deposit! There were also a period of time where I could not get more than $60 dollars of support for more than a month. But after sending emails and letters to potential supporters, God sent me a wonderful sister to keep me accountable and she prayed for me. We began to pray for each other and both of us were overflowing in support by the end of our trip!

When I first got assigned to Team Myanmar, I did not remember checking off that country as a preference. Once I saw our team roster, I realized I didn’t know anyone personally, and some I never had spoken to before. I was a little bit afraid that I would be the awkward one on the team. I am a very selective person and I am slow in opening up to people. But it really was by God’s grace that our team has such awesome unity and synergy when once we were all together.

For this mission trip, I really did not know what to expect. This was my first ever missions trip in my life. Praise the Lord! But I prayed to God that He would show me what He wants for the nation, and I told Him that I would obey Him and warfare on behalf of the country. God showed me prophetic visions that I was able to share with my teammates, He even revealed confirming visions to my other teammates while we were in the field. Because of this, our team was able to pray into God’s heart regarding Myanmar. This was a breakthrough for me because the Lord had once again proved that He is real, and that He will be real to you if you give Him the opportunity to reveal Himself.

2015 is the Year of Love for me. Ever since the beginning of the year, I was already anticipating the different ways that God would reveal His love to me throughout this year. In the mission field, wherever we went, the praise and worship sessions led by the local congregations were so powerful. Most of the time they were singing in Burmese and other local dialects. We did not understand all of the lyrics, but it was clear that these congregations loved Jesus very much. When I closed my eyes, listening to their voices and sinking into God’s presence, I could really feel their love for the Lord. The love for God displayed by these congregations was so genuine and passionate that it moved my heart even when I did not understand their prayers or songs. God Himself is love and His love never fails. He never fails to pour out His love upon His children.
I come back from this trip having really fallen in love with Myanmar and its people. Just like how some people are called to pray for revival in North Korea, I feel like that each of the 128 members sent into the mission field this winter have received an assignment from God to pray for the nation to which we were sent. Not just when we were preparing for the trip or when we were doing ministry, but to really fall in love with the nation and empathize God’s burning heart for the nation. We have been called to pray and contend for their salvation and revival of its people as if they were our closest family members. God has definitely put a jealous heart inside of me for the nation of Myanmar to experience His full grace and glory.

Please pray for the people in Myanmar to rise up and be bold in their faith. Freedom is for everyone, and I truly believe that the people of Myanmar deserve to know about the Lord and have the freedom to confess their faith without any fear. God has a future and plan for Golden Myanmar, a place that will soon be known for their faith like refined gold.

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