2015 Myanmar – Jiyeon Yoo

God is Love

This was my first missions trip. I had been wanting to go on a New Philly missions trip since 2008. I had waited for a long time, so I was very excited. I wanted this trip to be the best, and I wanted it to be fruitful. As always, God exceeded my expectations in the best possible ways. I’ve learnt, first, that I cannot judge and say something was fruitful or not simply by what I see in the natural. What we do for the Lord is never in vain. Second, God is love. And third, God is so powerful. He can do all things.

The first church we visited was “Immanuel Evangel Church,” located in Yangon. Yangon is like the New York City or Sydney of Myanmar. When we arrived, there was a grandma that recognised our team preacher, P. Myunghwa, from when had she visited back in 2009. The grandma began to share her story about what had happened. Her husband had been the only believer in the family at the time. The 2009 New Philly Myanmar missions team had visited their house and prayed for the grandma because she had a cancer of the uterus. She suffered a discharge of bodily fluid that was so unpleasant that people would not go near her. No doctor had a cure for her, and neither did the family have the money for any medical treatment. Thus the grandma was bed-ridden and locked inside the house. The 2009 team prayed for her but they did not see any change. However, right after they left, the grandma was miraculously healed without any medical treatment! This caused her to believe that God is indeed her healer and saviour. The whole family now believes, and the grandma been coming out to church ever since! How amazing is that? The team probably thought that nothing special happened, when God had intervened and healed His daughter of a serious cancer. He is so good!

The second church that we visited was Mandalay Zomi Baptist Church in the city of Mandalay, which is more like the Melbourne of Myanmar. When the 2009 team ministered at this church, the spiritual atmosphere was very dry and it was the hardest “revival service” ever. There had been mixture with Buddhist idolatry amongst some church members, which hindered the Holy Spirit from really moving with power. Knowing this, our team prayed hard for this church and anticipated breakthrough. But when our team arrived at the church, I could not believe that the spiritual atmosphere had ever been dry! The church was flourishing! The presence of God was so thick and there were people from all ages, and entire families worshipping together. We had a great revival service. It was one of the smoothest ministry times of the trip trip. People were so blessed, many they fell under the glory of God, and one of the church members even treated us to a nice dinner afterwards!

It’s so easy to think that nothing has happened when we don’t see immediate change. The 2009 team may have felt that regarding the grandma they prayed for, but she actually ended up getting healed of cancer, and now her whole family follows Jesus! God is so big and powerful. He is beyond our imagination. He can revive the most dry church and turn it into a healthy and vibrant church! So I’ve realised that I really cannot be discouraged from what I see in the natural because God is always doing wondrous works behind the scenes! No labour in the Lord is in vain.

The last highlight of this trip for me was from the third church that we visited, Immanuel Evangel Church in Pyin Oo Lwin. Amongst the congregation was about 30 beautiful, Spirit-filled children. They were praying, worshipping, and speaking in tongues. These precious children were actually orphans, but you would never think that because they were the loveliest children ever. I’ve served with a few different orphanage ministries before and usually orphans are quite difficult to connect with because they carry so much hurt from their past. But these children had no marks of an orphan spirit. What struck me the most is that during the altar call and after the sermon, all the children responded and came up to receive prayer. Our team actually had one father on the team, our worship leader Pastor Hermann from Busan. He has a gorgeous 2½ year old daughter and a baby boy on the way. Pastor Hermann is always overflowing with the Father’s love and he started to gently hold the children or hug them and simply said “Father’s love” over them. And one by one, all the children started to fall under the glory of God. It was the most beautiful sight. So gentle. I was amazed. There was also this one child who was still standing and I had actually sat next to her throughout the sermon. So I went over to her and although I’m not a father, I know and carry the Father’s heart. Thus I also started to pray for the Father’s love to touch her. When I held her, I felt this huge love just flowing out of me into her and when I said “Father’s embrace” she also fell to the ground under God’s glory. And these kids were lost in worship under God’s presence. They were singing and praising unto God, some were praying, some were weeping!

I was blown to feel that God is truly love. The motivation behind His actions is love. Strong love. Amazing and powerful love. This love can do miraculous things and make all things new. Before the trip I was wanting to see people getting blessed in specific ways and manifestations. Now I’m able to freely love and have faith regardless of how God chooses to release His glory. I want to do everything with love. I’m so thankful that I know and I serve such an awesome, powerful and beautiful God.

1 Cor 15:58, Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

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