2015 Myanmar – Hermann Kim

My Expectations Unexpectedly

At our final team meeting before the Myanmar missions trip, I shared that it is on missions that I feel most alive. It was in the mission field that I had learned to steward my giftings and my faith. And despite my wife being super pregnant and tired with a very active two and half year old to look after on her own, my wife knew that if she sent me, it would be worth the invested sacrifices. Her heart was to send her husband to sow, so that we would reap Kingdom blessings of fresh joy and testimonies. Our expectations were high. So on January 30th to February 6th, I left my girls with a mission and expectation to see revival fire come to Myanmar. And to be honest, I had a secret desire to be part of a team with the greatest outpouring of God’s revival fire and Holy Spirit.

I thought that as the team worship leader, my main role would be to help release God’s presence through music ministry, and that my hands would be tied down to the guitar. But God had something else in mind. I actually ended up leading worship only 2 or 3 times. The rest of the time I found myself praying, preaching, and laying hands at the altar. Even our team preacher, Pastor Myunghwa, told me at the beginning of the trip that she wanted to see me lay hands and impart God’s blessing every opportunity I got. Though I love leading worship and was ready to serve in this capacity at any given moment, for some reason I felt quite burdened. And thus I was relieved that the local congregation members would lead worship instead. I think I was concerned about overcoming the language barrier, but moreso I felt in my spirit that I had been sent to Myanmar for a different purpose.

Not only was I sent to the mission field as the worship leader, but I was also sent as the only married man and father on the team. Even my team leader, Jane, asked if I was okay being called “abba” as my team nickname. I didn’t really give an answer, but after taking the time to reflect some more, I came to realize that me leaving my family and going to minister to the nations as a father was a significant matter for God.

On our first day of ministry, we visited a Bible college run by our local contact, Pastor Zam. We were in charge of leading the service so I had to be ready, but from the get go, I was relieved of my praise leading duties as the students lead the service, and it was glorious. We got to witness the most dynamic and anointed worship coming out of the people of Myanmar. One keyboardist and two singers were pumping out worship like they were a ten-piece band and the team was up and dancing and crying both because of God’s presence in the room, but also because the worship was so amazing. My first hands-on ministry action began when during the altar call Pastor Myunghwa asked me to put my guitar down and lay hands to impart a greater anointing upon the four local worship team members. She put me on the spot, and I initially felt pressure creep in, while thinking, “Oh man I’m not feeling the anointing right now…” However, I pushed through with faith and by faith felt an impartation released. They were the next generation, and it was an honour, and it was the beginning of many opportunities God gave me to anoint the next generation of Myanmar’s leaders.

And so it began…

Pastor Myunghwa preached her guts out for her first service in Myanmar, touching on the topic of revival and pouring out all that she could. At lunch she expressed how tired she felt, and how her voice was at its end. So she turned to me and says, “Hermann, I don’t think I can preach later this afternoon [for our second youth ministry event], get ready.” We literally had 10 minutes left of lunch and 20 minutes of travel time for me to cry out to God for a sermon. I immediately went through my mental library, and tried to pull out the greatest revelations I knew. All I was thinking was I’m going to preach on PRAISE, and couldn’t think too much about the content. So we arrived at our second ministry stop at Immanuel Evangel Church led by Pastor Zam. Again, I didn’t have to pick up my guitar, but this time I was called preach. Amazingly, this ministry was geared towards the youth, most of whom actually came out and did a musical piece at the beginning of their service. It was so beautiful, as whole families came up to sang a song, or kids almost as small as my daughter Charis would come up to both dance and sing. The church carried such a beautiful spirit of praise and worship. My message of POWER IN PRAISE was even more relevant and timely. I spoke as if I was not just speaking to the group, but to their generation, for the sake of their generation, their city, and their nation. I preached as animated as I could to keep the youth engaged, while hoping to impart the revelation of how powerful they are as they praise God. I wanted to establish the next generation as worshipers who would worship their way into revival. I released the Word from 2 Chronicles 20, of how the Lord told King Jehoshaphat to send forth his priests into praise before the Army, and how the Lord routed Israel’s army not through the power of their weapons but through the power of God through their praises. I was excited to then have the team lay hands and impart a greater anointing of praise. One particular kid names Isaiah caught my attention. As I got to talk with him, he shared how he loves to sing praise songs. God highlighted him during our time at the church. The team and I got to lay hands on him and his friends. I felt God envelop the room and release His nature upon their hearts and lips and we saw Isaiah and another friend sitting next to him get touched by the anointed presence of God. A sister and I layed hands on him and we witnessed him get anointed and slain twice and stay under the glory. This was so meaningful for me, as the sister who layed hands with me felt God was anointing him to be a powerful worshiper and probably a future generation worship leader!

God was having me impart a second time for the next generation… and that wasn’t the end. There were other services where God was having the team doing the same, and we saw the fire of God fall, and yet again, God gave me opportunity to put down my guitar and raise my hand for the next generation of worshipers and intercessors. We saw women getting hit and rolling around as they saw visions of their city being transformed and God marking them for intercession and much more.

The biggest highlight however, something that will stay in my memory for a lifetime, came on our final leg of the trip in Pyin Oo Lwin. The church was run by Pastor Khai, and it doubled as both a Bible college and children’s home for up to 30 orphans. Due to miscommunication, not many of the regular church members or locals were able to attend. Thus our main audience ended up being the Bible college students and orphan kids. This was enough for our team, as we saw how much God loved them and how powerful they were as they worshiped and prayed. Even on our first encounter as we saw them worship and pray, our team was blown away by how God’s Spirit moved in the room. So the team preached, we danced and presented our testimonies as if we were ministering to a whole generation, city, and nation. We charged ourselves to go all out. For the first couple of sessions, Pastor Myunghwa preached with passion and unction and the team poured out in ministry, but as a team we felt a blockage of some sort. It was verbally expressed but I could feel the temptation to feel discouraged and exhausted but the team pressed in. But soon enough our awesome team leader got an impression before our last service. She felt there was an attack or a blockage related to the spirit of idolatry and curses related to it. So we prayed that night, and saw a release that next day in our final service. The team sang and danced through two VBS songs, while Pastor Myunghwa preached and prophesied over the church and the city some of the most powerful words that city may of heard. She declared the glory of God taking over the golden pagodas, and that God was going to change the golden idols to become a golden city for God’s glory. The atmosphere was set, and the students and even the young children, as young as three, were awake. Ministry time came and the fire did fall, but not for me personally. It didn’t feel like it was fully flowing. But halfway through our altar ministry time, I felt God softening my heart and I began to sense God’s love for these students and orphans. I literally felt the compassion and love of God, and even as a father, my heart for them. I dropped every desire for the fire, and simply began to feel God’s Fatherly love. All I could think is the Father’s love for each individual child. It was as if time stopped for each one, and I had to the opportunity to love them as a father. So one by one, instead of praying for the glory or fire of God, I felt led to hold their faces gently, and release “Abba’s love”. Nothing more. I saw them, like how I loved Charis but more cause I felt God’s heart for them. I saw them individually, and it’s one of those pictures that will last a lifetime. To see, kids as small as Charis (my daughter who is almost three) get touched by the Father’s love and presence. These kids have never been given theology or teachings to know what it means to praise, speak in tongues or even get slain. But one by one, God was using me, as a father to release them into His arms. They were crying on the floor, visibly getting touched by the Father, and you can see them worship and praising God. Some were speaking in tongues, some were simply rolling around and crying. The picture of a three or four year old girl raising her hands on the floor and praising God, not caring about anything else, will forever stay with me as a father, as a minister and a child of God. To leave my family, my wife and daughter, and to see God touch the students and children of Myanmar was the greatest reward I could partake in. God had me put down my guitar, and simply love these children with the Father’s love. My expectations were unexpectedly blown away.

Thank you so much, New Philly Busan, for all your fasting, prayer, and financial support in making this testimony a reality. Our team is honored to have been sent out by this house, and we are honored to have partnered with the Lord for His glory all over Myanmar. Thank you and God bless you!

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