2015 Myanmar – Annie Weiss

A Call to Revival

Before leaving for Myanmar, everyone on our team took time to pray into what they were hoping to see on this trip. On past trips, there had been a burden to see healings break out or 1000 salvations or to see people receive deep inner healing. My prayer request for this trip was for the locals to see what God had planned for them and their future ministry, and for the fire of God to manifest to them directly. It is amazing to see how God chose to answer these cries of my heart.

When the team arrived in Myanmar, one of the first things that we saw was a giant golden pagoda. It was beautiful on the outside, but the meaning of it was so dark that its gold plating could not draw the attention away from its darkness. It was as if the land was calling for beauty when there was no true beauty in it.

We then learned that Myanmar’s nickname is actually Golden Myanmar. This is because there are golden pagodas everywhere. When you drive through the city, there is one on just about every corner and when you drive through the countryside, you can see them on every hill and on the tops of the mountains. There are deep gold reserves all throughout Myanmar.

Our team went to many different churches and Bible colleges. Our services were a chance for us to share our lives with the people and pray for them to receive the strength of the Lord. And just as we had prayed, the fire of God came. It was clear that the people were being touched by the Lord because they would simply start crying. For some, God was reminding them of what He had done in the past, and how He was still with them.

This was especially true for one lady. About five and a half years ago (the last time our team preacher Pastor Myunghwa went to Myanmar), the team went on a house visit to see an elderly lady who was very sick with cancer. The team then prayed for her for a little while and then left the house. A couple of weeks after the team left to go back to Korea, that lady came to the church and testified that God had healed her of the cancer and that she wanted to give her life to the Lord. When the 2015 team was at the church of Pastor Zam (our local ministry contact), she came to the service and remembered Pastor Myunghwa. When we prayed for her, she began to cry and it was evident that God was moving in her, reminding her of what He had done and drawing her closer to Himself. Being able to watch God work in this way was a beautiful sight.

After being in Yangon for a few days, our team went up to Mandalay. Our partner church there had been built by missionaries about 100 years ago. When Pastor Myunghwa went up to preach that night, she reminded the congregation of Myanmar’s history. She told them that Golden Myanmar is going to be coming to life in the hearts of the people. Myanmar’s Christians are the ones in whom God has placed deep reserves of gold, which He will be revealing from within for His glory.

Our trip to Myanmar was all about calling for the people to rise up and be established in their identity. They are a people that have God’s hand over their lives. God has chosen them to bring revival to their own land. Our team was simply sent to encourage these brothers and sisters in their journey- to call out the gold that is already in them, that they would take charge and share the Gospel with their people. Let us that Golden Myanmar will remain the nickname of the country, but that the meaning be redeemed: instead of the gold of idols, Myanmar shall shine with the gold of God in its people!

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