2015 Missions – Jakarta

Dates: Jan 26 – Feb 2, 2015

Our Jakarta team partnered with IKAT Bible College and ministries headed up by IKAT alumni, which represents ministers from all across Indonesia, and ministries reaching all sectors of society. We ministered at 5 local churches, 3 schools, 1 mental rehabilitation institute, and 1 Christian radio station. In total 210 people responded to various altar calls, many of whom manifested His presence through tears and several falling under His glory. We witnessed healing from brokenness, softening of hearts, and empowering of the Holy Spirit. Christ’s love is powerfully equipping His followers in this nation!

Team Leader: Tina Lee
Team Preacher: John Park
Team Members: Crystal Ahn, Hans Christian Benvenuto, Janice Lim, Jasmin Agese, Joseph Lee, Lydia Kim, Minho Baek, Sharon So


Crystal Ahn
Advancing the Kingdom in Indonesia

Hans Christian Benvenuto
Blessed to Be a Blessing

Janice Lim
Insecurity to Humility

Jasmin Agese
Comforted, Confronted, Inspired, Humbled and Honoured
John Park
Generational Empowerment

Joseph Lee

Lydia Kim
Being a Missionary

Minho Baek
Still a Boy

Sharon So
God’s Needs for the Kingdom
Tina Lee
Because He Loves Us


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