2015 Japan – Mary Koh

In Faith

On a personal level, I felt as though this trip was an opportunity to exercise faith and obedience even when I could not see immediate fruit. It was all about seeing in the Spirit, believing for God to work as we stepped out in obedience. As I learned not to lean on my own understanding but rather to trust God, I held onto the verse from 2 Corinthians 4:18 which says, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen” and believed that God would work in and through us each day.

A month before our trip, I had to get surgery on my foot. I was so sure leading up to the day of my operation that God would supernaturally heal me because I knew I had to go to Japan. But for some reason I ended up having to get the surgery, and could not dance with the team. For someone who likes to plan, be functional, and see hard results, this trip turned everything upside down. Throughout the trip, I spent a lot of the time watching and interceding and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. But by the end of it all, especially as I reflected, I can testify to God’s glory and His delight over my team and myself.

I was most in awe witnessing the Spirit-led evangelism during our time in Osaka. Our God is such a funny God, and He loves to surprise us day to day. One morning during our morning devotionals, the team spent some time in worship and prayer. We asked God to speak to us about the day, and one team member got a vision of a triangle. Later that day, after dancing and praying in different locations as we felt led, we were able to break up into smaller groups for a time of evangelism. There, our team leader Danny met a gentleman who desperately needed to hear about the Father’s love. He was very angry at God and wounded by his family from a young age. Danny was able to share his own testimony and speak the truth about the loving nature of Father God. Witnessing God move in individual hearts through Spirit-led conversations really struck me powerfully. Even if there was one person God wanted to encounter, he mobilized our entire team and set us up there. Later we found out that the location we were ministering in that afternoon was called “The Triangle.”

I think I learned a thing or two about dance as well. Dance is not just an art form for oneself, or an art form for the individual to feel or express certain emotions. As the team was dancing in front of the Osaka Castle in the rain, or by the Glico Man advertisement, or amidst the masses in the subway station, I felt and witnessed a release of God’s presence through the team. The team was breaking ground, trampling on the devil’s work, standing in the gap, and releasing joy and reconciliation through every move. I know it sounds abstract, but as an observer it was so real to me. And from this, God taught me some powerful lessons on the power of dance.

So while I wish I could stand here and talk about the mass salvations and healings that took place, rather I testify that God shifted the spiritual atmosphere in Japan: He sowed seeds as we invested our time in key people like Ryo (a bboy who accepted Christ). He released His Spirit in key areas through our dancing and prayers and allowed, allowing His presence to flow like a river in the city. By witnessing all of this, God did some powerful things within me as well. I did not dance, but I learned that my service to God in the field is so much more than my function. I learned in a deeper measure who I am- the weight of my presence, and the power of my words by God’s grace and His design. Much of these lessons and revelations are unseen, but the righteous live by faith. God has stretched my faith, rekindled a global perspective of ministry, and has allowed me to be a vessel for His love and a witness to His glory. In faith, my team and I believe that in due time and in its proper season, Japan will bear a harvest for the Kingdom of God.

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