2015 Japan – Daisy Kim

Worshipping Warriors

On our first night in Japan, God reminded me clearly: “You are a worshipper! Everything you do is worship unto me. It’s not only your dances, the praises you sing, or even your responsibilities as the team leader’s assistant and team treasurer. Every step you take, every word you speak, your presence, everything you are and what you do is worship unto me.” The Lord laid down the key elements of this trip for me: joy, faith, and hope.

Nothing was able to steal our joy. Through rain, snow, sleet, and hail, we trekked by foot to most of our sites, radiating warmth from our hearts. On our first day of ministry in Osaka, we weren’t prepared for the pouring rain. Even though we didn’t have umbrellas, it didn’t stop us from hiking up to Osaka Castle and performing there. Not only were we joyful through it all, we knew that our dances were releasing joy and hope to this city and nation. Nothing hindered our plans to spiritedly dance and worship for the Lord, hysterically laugh together, and selflessly love and serve one another.

God increased my faith during this trip as He revealed Himself to our team in various ways. Prior to the trip, during one of missions training sessions, our team had to come up with a skit based on one of our New Philly Church’s core values, “Father the Fatherless.” Our impromptu skit was about leading a Japanese person to Christ and plugging the person into a local church community. On Saturday, Jan 24th in Tokyo, we were able to witness the very storyline of our skit! While having fellowship with dancers at a subway station, we met a bboy named Ryo. Danny, our team leader, shared his testimony with him. The team interceded, and then celebrated as Ryo received Christ into his life! The next day, Ryo came out to Sunday service and later that week, attended a discipleship group meeting! My heart is still so full and amazed to have walked through the storyline of the skit in reality, considering the God’s timing of it all on Ryo’s side and on our side as well. Who could deny this fingerprint of God? Our team has full faith that the Lord sent us to Tokyo for Ryo, and we believe that the angels in heaven were rejoicing for his salvation.
Every day was like a treasure hunt in Japan. As we asked in intercession what God had in store for us daily, He revealed His heart to us step by step, throughout the trip. Here is just a portion of what our team members received during intercession, and what we witnessed during outreach in Osaka:

  • Joyce saw the team performing at a circle-shaped park-like area during intercession time. Saeka, a sister we met in Osaka, took us to a circle-shaped park area for us to perform, and Joyce testified it was exactly what she saw in her vision earlier that morning!
  • Sharon mentioned a red & white candy cane during intercession and we met a girl wearing a red & white candy cane-patterned shirt during outreach!
  • Mary and I both saw a symbol shaped like a bird during intercession. During outreach, we saw a painting of a big bird on a random wall and we both immediately bore witness that that was what we had seen in our vision.
  • Gao kept hearing the word “triangle” before and during the trip. One day after outreach in the streets of Osaka, we found out that the very area we were ministering in was called “The Triangle!”
  • And there was so much more! God was continually reminding us through these confirmations that we were exactly where we were supposed to be, doing exactly what He wanted us to do.

The one Sunday service we attended Fuse Community Church was Baptism Sunday. There were 5 people getting baptized and each testimony was very powerful, but one in particular stood out to me. I had actually met this man at one of our subway station outreaches on Day 2. He was in his early 20s, spoke English fluently, and had come out with other Fuse leaders to support our performance. His English was flawless, though he is a native Japanese who learned English while attending Fuse — just like many native Koreans who have learned English while attending our New Philly services. It turns out that this young man was not saved the last time a New Philly team had visited Fuse Church. But as we witnessed him translating and ministering with such joy and passion, it was undeniable that he had encountered God’s amazing grace, healing power, and love. This young man’s testimony gave me fresh hope for the people that were unresponsive and seemingly uninterested throughout our ministry times. We are not responsible to save, but we are responsible to believe, and I believe that God wants us to have hope for his beloved Japanese people.

John 4:23-24 says:
Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth,
for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.
God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.

My paradigm for worship has changed and will never be the same again. We were worshipping warriors on this trip. With every step we took, whether through travelling or with our performances, we were breaking ground, breaking chains, and bringing joy, hope, and love to the nation of Japan. Not only with our dances, not only with our lips are we able to worship our Heavenly Father. But it is with every fiber of our being. As we step out in faith, in obedience and in love, it is all worship unto Him.

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