2015 Jakarta – Tina Lee

Because He Loves Us

What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ – Philippians 3:8.

Transformation of the Heart

From January 26th to February 2nd, I had the honor of leading a team of amazing men and women to minister in Jakarta, Indonesia. We were able to empower and encourage the students of IKAT Bible School by the preaching of the Word, teaching seminars, and sharing our testimonies. We also ministered at local churches, public schools, and a mental disabilities center. Later, we found out that all the ministries we visited were actually led by IKAT alumni. God moved powerfully as many received inner healing, were solidified in their identities in Christ, and also gained a greater heart and vision for the city of Jakarta. Though I went into this trip knowing that the team was to serve and minister to the local people of Indonesia, God did a deeper work in me through the relationships we built with the local ministers. I’m sure my team can agree, but we received so much more than we could ever give.

This trip was a gift to me. It reawakened a fresh passion and excitement for pursuing the things of the Kingdom, and it reminded me of why I chose to say yes when God called me into full-time ministry. I know that in the end, living for the Kingdom is truly worth it, and being called into full-time ministry is a sacred calling. But I have to admit that there were many moments on this journey when I would forget why I had said yes. I would forget that God had chosen me not because He needed me to expand His Kingdom, but because He wanted me to experience His love through the gift of serving in ministry. But through the students of IKAT and the local pastors with whom we partnered, God revealed to me once again why I do what I do. He showed me that the more I give up control of my life, the safer I will be. The deeper I go into the waters nand choose to trust in Him and His leading, the more fruitful my life will be. Through this trip, God began to remind me of the moments when I had said yes to Him and asked Him to send me wherever He desired. It is by His grace that I even had the opportunity to say yes to living for His Kingdom. I once again realized what a gift it is to live for Him. Like those I met in Jakarta, I want to continue to minister and live life knowing that all that God has given to me is a gift. Every moment is an opportunity to experience Him and know Him more.

Ministry Inspiration

On a person to person level, one of the highlights of this trip for me was getting to know and minister with Pastor (Papa) and Mama Tarigan, in addition to meeting Pastor Esther, the founder of the mental rehabilitation institute. It was through these ministers of the Lord that I was able to witness what it means to live a life wholeheartedly given to the Kingdom. These are ministers who chose to say yes and meant it with all their hearts. They know what it means to give up their lives for Christ. They know that life and ministry is a gift. When they minister, they don’t do it to just serve. Rather, they know that they are experiencing God’s love in special ways through their ministry and those to whom they minister.

Pastor and Mama Tarigan joined our team to be our “translators,” which was mind-blowing. Pastor Tarigan, a man of God with over 40 years of ministry experience, chose to come to translate for some young “kids.” I was so humbled by Pastor Tarigan’s humility. From him, I learned what it means to be a true leader. Pastor Tarigan didn’t have an ounce of entitlement or pride in Him. He translated wholeheartedly and believed every, single word that was preached. I’m sure the topics preached weren’t new to him. However I knew that Pastor Tarigan truly believed that the word of God is living and active as he translated (actually, preached) with passion and authority. There were moments when he would actually start crying while translating. As he released the word, I felt Holy Spirit move powerfully. Pastor Tarigan is a man who knows what it means to live for the Lord. He is one who knows how to receive God’s love through serving in ministry. He isn’t doing ministry for his own recognition or gain, but is able to see the bigger picture. Thus he knows very well how to empower the next generation. Pastor Tarigan empowered our team as he ministered alongside us. Pastor Tarigan ran and is still running this race strong, and is continually equipping the next generation to take up the baton and run as well.

In addition to Pastor and Mama Tarigan, I was so blessed to meet Pastor Esther of the mental rehabilitation institution. The moment I entered Pastor Esther’s home, I could feel the thick presence of God and couldn’t stop weeping. The love of Jesus was overwhelming me. Hers is truly a house that hosts God’s presence. Before starting this ministry, Pastor Esther was the secretary of a high-ranking government official in Jakarta. She received a lot of recognition, was honored by people, and even met the former president. However one day Pastor Esther saw a mentally challenged person on the street, abandoned and naked, and she felt the Father’s heart for this person. She felt led to clothe him and house him, which ultimately led to her starting this ministry for the mentally challenged. This woman felt the Lord call her to start this ministry, and she said yes. She had everything that the world had to offer, she was walking in recognition and wealth, yet she chose to give it all up to release the Father’s love over those rejected by the world. She is housing them, clothing them, and loving on them with Christ’s love.

As Pastor Esther shared her testimony, I was in awe and also very humbled. The fruit of her ministry is undeniable and I was able to literally witness how the love of God is supernatural. The love of God has the power to heal minds and set people free. As I entered the institution and saw around 20 men and women who are mentally challenged, I felt God’s unconditional love for them. You can tell the difference between those who know Jesus and those who don’t know Him yet. I saw these brothers and sisters worship with us, do VBS with us, and receive prayer, and my heart was filled with so much hope. Pastor Esther shared with us how many have not only been healed through the institution, but are now also serving as pastors! These former patients are now ministers at the institution. God is so good! Pastor Esther does what she does because she loves Jesus. Nevertheless, I’m sure that when she sees these patients getting healed and living for the Lord, she experiences God’s love for her on a whole new level, which strengthens her to do the ministry. This woman, like Pastor Tarigan, didn’t have a single ounce of pride or entitlement. She honored our team and loved on us so well.

These are two people out of many amazing men and women of God that I had the honor to get to know on this mission trip to Jakarta. They exemplified a life that is dead to self and alive in Christ. When you are surrounded by such amazing people living for the Kingdom, you can’t help but to be encouraged and empowered. God wanted to bless Jakarta through our team, but He also nwanted to bless the team through His people. God wanted me to experience His love through His mighty servants and through the various ministries where we served. As I experience His love, I also feel His heart. When I know His heart, I’m able to do ministry out of the overflow. It is because of His love that I am able to do what I do, and it is also why I do what I do.

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