2015 Jakarta – Lydia Kim

Being a Missionary

The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest. – Matthew 9:37-38

Hello! Nama saya Lydia and I would like to share with you my testimony from my recent mis-sion trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. I never considered myself to be a “missionary.” I didn’t think it was my “calling,” and even when I went on mission trips, it was awkward hearing people refer to me as a “missionary” in the field. I always associated being a missionary with going to a dif-ferent country to do ministry.

Heading off to Jakarta, Indonesia on my third mission trip with New Philadelphia Church, I thought I knew what to expect. Like previous trips, I knew our week would be packed with ministry. I knew our team would lead worship, preach, pray for the people, and spend time in fellowship. My heart was prepared to give as much as I could and serve wherever I felt God leading or in whichever way the team leader instructed. However, more than what I was able to do, I believe God used this trip to open my eyes and empower me to be a greater labourer for His harvest in my hometown, Melbourne.

Throughout the week, I was able to encounter and meet incredible people doing amazing min-istry in Indonesia. As I got to know the local missionaries and pastors, their testimonies and stories really humbled me and made me reflect on how I was living my life for the Lord back home. One person in particular who inspired me was Pastor Robert Tarigan, who flew in from Medan to be our team translator. Pastor Tarigan has been a missionary for over 40 years. He has survived 7 heart attacks whilst reaching out to different people groups, putting his life on the line for the Gospel and now ministering to Pakistani, Afghani, and Iranian refugees as well as probably a million other things he didn’t have time to share. Pastor Tarigan is someone who once had to flee for his life because Muslim fanatics had killed his friend for being part of a Christian radio program and his name was next on the hit list. It is so clear that absolutely nothing will stop Pastor Tarigan from sharing the Gospel in Indonesia. The heart that he has for the people of his own nation really made me reflect about how I see the people of Mel-bourne and Australia, and how I live my life for God.

Up until now, I think I have harboured a feeling of inadequacy in being a “missionary” to the people in Melbourne, and inwardly ignored the invitation to be a true labourer in the harvest field. I considered Melbourne to be such a difficult mission field with so much pride, so many strongholds, and deeply rooted lies gripping the minds and spirits of the people. However, as I spent time with the local pastors of Jakarta, the one line I kept thinking was, “Worthy is the Lamb.” As I observed the selfless lives of these ministers I thought, “when they confess that Jesus is worth it all, they really mean it.” I had that “oh snap” moment and was so humbled because I know that I would never have to flee for my life for doing ministry in Melbourne. I was so stirred to live my life in a way that would also truly confess that Jesus is worth every-thing and anything, in face of any hopelessness I might see in the flesh.

During the trip, I had the privilege of preaching at a public primary school, co-leading a semi-nar for the female students at IKAT Bible College, and preaching a brief message during a live segment on a Christian radio station. This was the first time I had ever been given the oppor-tunity to preach and teach in the mission field. When my team leader asked me to prepare a few sermons a week before leaving, I was slightly shocked and fearful. I was insecure about my lack of experience and secretly wished that the opportunity for me to preach would not arise. I thought, “Who am I? I’m not a pastor, I don’t have preaching experience, I don’t know what to say to bless the people of Indonesia.” But at the same time, I felt so privileged and humbled to be entrusted with the microphone which I knew was handled with extreme care at New Philly. And trumping all this, to me, the number one rule on missions is: when your team leader asks you to do something, you just say “yes” and do it. I know that there is no time for insecurities or fear when you are in the battlefield. So, even though I still felt inadequate, I knew I had strong prayer support and that God would work as I trusted in Him. Therefore I trust that people were blessed by the words God put in my heart and mouth.

Through this trip to Jakarta, I believe that God not only unlocked my heart towards the har-vest in Melbourne but also unlocked gifts which He desires for me to grow in. I was so blessed by Pastor Tina (our team leader) and Pastor John (our team preacher), who rocked the mic every time they preached and taught on the field. Every message was so powerful and on point, dripping with anointing and filled with so much wisdom and grace. I was inspired, and I ended up being so excited to take the mic to also share about the goodness of God when given the opportunity. For me, this trip has been a tipping point in my journey with Jesus. I know as God cultivates my heart for the lost sheep in Melbourne, to become like the local pastors in Jakarta who love the people in their city, God will continue to train me as a labourer for this harvest. I know that you don’t have to move overseas to be a missionary. As I live in Mel-bourne, I believe it is my mission field and therefore, I am a missionary.

Thank you for sowing into this trip, the team, the people, and myself with your generous prayers and support. A lot of joy, truth and mutual edification was released, with every day being a greater blessing. Please continue to pray blessing over the students and staff at IKAT Seminary, over Pastor Tarigan and his wife, for all the local ministries, and for the nation of Indonesia. I believe there is an increasing momentum in the spirit over Indonesia. The local pastors and Christians will see God move powerfully on a nationwide scale bringing revival, through the faithfulness and prayers of the Bride.

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