2015 Jakarta – Crystal Ahn

Advancing the Kingdom in Indonesia

He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction. – Malachi 4:6 (NIV)

Hello my name is Crystal Ahn and from January 26th to February 2nd, I was able to go on a missions trip with nine other sons and daughters of this house to Jakarta, Indonesia. One week in Jakarta seemed like a dream! The time went by so quickly and within that short amount of time, God did so much. I was able to see God’s heart for Indonesia through the relationships that were built with the students of IKAT and local pastors. Through this trip, I also felt the Lord solidifying my identity as a mighty warrior that is fully equipped in Him.

This was my first missions trip with New Philly. After hearing so many powerful testimonies about past trips, I personally wanted to experience everything. This trip began with a heart of wanting to know God’s desire and heart for the nations and the purpose of missions itself. I was very curious of what God could do through us.

To be honest, at first I thought I wasn’t fully prepared for this trip. So many things were new to me and some things were discouraging as I went through the preparation process. But throughout this trip God showed me that I am equipped- that everything I need is already in me. Even the smallest things I thought were insignificant, God used in the field for His glory.

On the first day, Pastor John Park (our team preacher) gave a word to the youth at IKAT Bible College about forgiveness and grace. As Pastor John shared his testimony, the Spirit touched many, including my team members, and many students responded to the altar call afterwards. I could feel the students’ hunger and their burning hearts for the Lord as the team ministered to them.

I was blessed to see how every, single member of our team pushed through with so much boldness and authority. God gave us the power to release what He wanted to say to the students. As we prayed together, we were breaking off the lies that were preventing the students from seeing the truth. In turn, God was establishing new identity and hope in their hearts. Knowing the authority we carried, our team was intentional with shifting the atmosphere for every, single service and altar call.

Personally, there were many times during the trip when I felt quite insecure, and it was in this place of vulnerability that I was empowered by my team. I thought I lacked in so many areas. However, my team encouraged me and brought out the best in me. The moment before I shared my testimony, my team prayed for me and believed in me. As my team understood me and loved me, I was able to walk in a whole new level of authority. My boldness skyrocketed. I have never ever imagined myself ministering and praying for other people. But as I performed body worship, captured important moments through videography, acted in the “Everything” skit, prayed for people and shared my testimony, I realized that God had been training me this whole time for this specific trip. Every day, God stirred up my heart for Indonesia. He gave me a bigger picture of what He can do through this nation.

Every school and church that we visited, the Holy Spirit broke out and touched many people. His presence was undeniable. Our team was able to share testimonies at different churches and from each testimony, I was able to witness people being encouraged and empowered. Many people in the congregations would burst into tears feeling the presence of God. There were also many who received inner healing and breakthrough. Every single service was full of His presence! We were able to see God move tangibly!

I saw so much from the younger generation in Indonesia. They are talented and gifted in many ways! I am excited for how God will mightily use them in the future. The plans that God has for the younger generation in Indonesia are huge!

Not only for the younger generations, but God is already doing a mighty work in the older generation as well. Our team leader Tina Lee shared with us that this trip was to be marked with honor. Thus it was powerful to see how the team was led to show honor especially to the older generation. As the team honored the local families and churches, I also felt more of God’s presence surrounding us. During fellowship time with the local brothers and sisters, we were able to speak with each other, encourage and empower one another. The dreams and passions that these youth have for the ministry were very inspiring!

On this trip, I also realized the significance of the older generation. They are the forerunners that are leading the younger generation. They were already passing on their inheritance to the next generation. They have carried so much wisdom and richness in the Spirit. I could see how honor was overflowing from their humility. In turn, our team was so humbled as we ministered to them and alongside them.

At one church service Pastor John led a powerful time of prayer where he called up the older generation to pray for the younger generation, and for the younger generation to pray for the older generation. At this time, I could see no gap between the generations. The unity that was formed between the generations was so beautiful.

Truly the kingdom is advancing in Indonesia. I am excited to see more Spirit-filled churches and leaders rising up in Indonesia. I am so excited for what God has in store for this nation and His people. I am so thankful for having this wonderful opportunity to catch God’s heart God for Indonesia!

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