2015 General Santos – Eunbi Lee

Empowered to Empower

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9

To be completely honest, I felt inadequate and unprepared for this trip. Especially for my team role as the historian, where I must keep record of all that happens in the field. I felt like I was not the most equipped person for the job. Not only did I feel like I was not detail-oriented enough, but I also felt that my role would keep me from being involved in the ministry time. However, God clearly showed me why I was chosen to be the historian and how He wanted to bless me through my role.

In the seven days we got to minister, our team had the opportunity to partner with the pastors of Faith Tribal Ministry. Our team went to the different churches to minister to the congregation, but also empower the pastors. It was very noticeable that each church had something special and significant that God was doing. On our third day in Gen San, our team got to visit three different churches located in three different villages. For first church we visited, Bito Alabel Church, the pastor was appointed just the day before our visit. Pastor Marcus, our team preacher, spoke about The Kingdom and encouraged the church to have a Kingdom perspective for the future ahead. It was a timely word for this church as new leadership was being established. After the sermon, the team broke into groups and we blessed and prophesied over the church members. This specific moment slowly began to shift my heart. I no longer struggled with the thoughts of thinking I was just a bystander, as God showed me that being the historian was not my only role. While God had so many ways He wanted to use me, I had limited myself to just one role. It was only when I stopped limiting my own role, and started to let God use me however He desired, that I understood my value on the team.

The second church we visited was Atgas Faith Gospel Church. This church was located on top of the mountains and had a beautiful view of the village below. Just like at the previous church, a kairos word was spoken. I had the opportunity to share my testimony, which is about me being transformed through experiencing the Father’s love. Before we started, I felt anxious thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do my job as the historian if I was up sharing my testimony. However, God showed me how my testimony was also a kairos testimony that needed to be shared at that specific time. Our team leader, Marie Suazo, preached about being co-heirs with Christ. She talked about how our heavenly Father has so much for us as His children. She also referred to my testimony on how I was transformed through the love I received from God. When I saw people in tears and giving praise for what God had done in my life, I knew my testimony was being used powerfully. Throughout the ministry time, not only was I able to take part in VBS, pray for people, and enjoy the fellowship time, but I was able to get my job done as the historian. When I was fully focused on what God wanted me to do at that time, God had removed all anxiety. God clearly wanted me to thrive, not strive. This breakthrough was what set the tone for the rest of the trip for me.

We ended that day with ministering to another village named Riverside. Instead of having the service at a church, we held it at a basketball court so that everyone from the village could come. It was an amazing time. We got to witness God healing His people from physical sicknesses, and we saw children enjoying the VBS and the congregation lifting up their praises to God. Our team also got to witness a powerful moment where the children prayed for the rain to stop and God answered their prayers immediately! We ministered to over 90 people and saw 23 people healed from physical illness. At the end of the day, thinking about everything that I got to witness and take part in, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for worrying so much! God had fully equipped me to do everything from praying, doing VBS, testifying, and taking notes. All I had to do was step into His grace and realize it.

On our last day of ministry, we had a thanksgiving service at Christ Community Church, led by Pastor Ching. Our team got to hear testimonies from the pastors but also share our own reflections about the mission trip. Hearing testimonies from the pastors of how our team had influenced their ministry was such a blessed time. We were able to see and hear about the great fruit of our time in the field. When the team shared about our own experiences, God showed me how much I had grown in the seven days we were in Gen San. Although I had started with feelings of inadequacy, by the end I knew that I was used powerfully by Him. God showed me how my prayers, the words I spoke, and the testimony I carry was what was making an influence to the people of Gen San. It was when I allowed His grace to take over that I realized I am made perfect in my weakness to be used powerfully.

Although it was a short term mission trip, God revealed to me at the end of the trip that what we released will continue to bear long-term fruit. God said to me that His eyes will always be on Gen San and that He is their savior, not our team. Our team went to do what God had called us to do. We empowered, and ministered to the people there, but what our team is more excited for is the testimonies that will be written from this point forward. Thank you for supporting our team through your finances and prayers. We felt protected and strengthened by all the prayers while we were on the field! Please continue to pray for the churches of Faith Tribal Ministry, for the ministries to not only expand in numbers but for the members, leaders, and pastors to spiritually go into greater levels!

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