2015 Delhi – Suzie Lee

Empowered in Love

The Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. – Jeremiah 31:3

Namaste! Mera naam Suzie hae. Hello, my name is Suzie Lee and I had the privilege to go to New Delhi, India for this mission’s season. Our team of 12 served with local NPWM (Native Partners for World Mission) ministers: Pastor John and Sister Annie of Grace Community Church and Grace Home Orphanage, along with Pastor Letlal and Sister Pinky who minister to the Kuki tribe of Manipur, northeast India. These pastors and their families have given up everything for the sake of the Gospel. Pastor John carries the Father’s heart in all that he does and Pastor Letlal carries a heavy fire and vision for the nation. We held a one-day youth seminar for college students in Delhi and a two-day conference for the Kuki youth. The remaining of our time was spent with Grace Home children, where we did VBS and spent time building relationships. We knew that we would be ministering to the youth but we didn’t know it would be the main focus of our trip. God was empowering and equipping the young people with His Holy Spirit and we felt honored to be his vessels. It was a short but full trip and God was with us all throughout.

Personally, I was excited to go back to India after going to Chennai, south India last missions season. I started 2014 in India and I would end it with India. I was also excited to meet the native pastors, Pastor John and Pastor Letlal because I had heard many stories of their fire and anointing. In addition, I knew that God had been preparing me for this trip this past semester so I wanted to release His fire to His people!

As a team, we expected to see a lot of physical healing and powerful manifestations of the Spirit with our own eyes. There had been certain words that had been spoken over the team, and we also wanted to see God move in supernatural ways. However, God did not open up many doors for us to contend for healing. Instead, He was leading us to empower the young people of Delhi and the Kuki people at the youth conferences. He was empowering and healing His people with His spirit, and we were vessels to testify of His goodness and contending for more of His spirit. Thus rather than being disillusioned by what we saw in the natural, our team trekked onward in faith and started to see this trip as God’s story, and a display of what He wanted to do at this hour.

It was with this heart posture that we were able to spend time with the children at Grace Home Orphanage run by Pastor John and Sister Annie. When we arrived, the children showered us with flowers and songs and I was overwhelmed by God’s love for His children. Moreover, I was undone by how the kids did not see themselves as orphans, but as children of God and sons under Pastor John. When we got into small groups, I was shocked by the prayers of these children because they were so sure of their Father in Heaven. They did not beg or strive. They simply brought their petitions to their Father with authority and humility. I felt like they knew who they were as sons more than I did! The children also inspired me through their creativity. Many of them dance, sing, and drum through the leading of God’s spirit. They experience God and freedom in these ways and it was encouraging to see young kids just be children of God without reservations or walls.

Looking back, if I had to sum up this trip in one word, it would be maturity. I think God did wonders in me in a subtle and quiet way that made this trip so different and meaningful. With the Grace Home children, I was blessed to see how they treat each other with so much honor and dignity. God wants to clothe us in honor and he desires for us to do the same with those around us. In addition, I was blessed to just watch Pastor John manifest the love of God our Father. Pastor John does not just care for these orphans temporarily. Rather he is in a lifelong relationship with each one of them. He is compassionate and caring, but his main goal is to empower and set them up for victory so that as they get older, they know who they are and who God is. Isn’t this the heart of God the Father as well? He cares about salvation and redemption but it doesn’t end there. No, God wants us to rise up and take our place as His SONS! He is all about empowering His children! We do not live in pity or stagnancy. Rather, we live in victory knowing that Jesus is our good shepherd and God is our good Father.

As the team was on our way to the airport to fly back to Korea, Pastor John shared with us a piece of his heart. “In India, the tradition is that when your child gets married, fathers issue a plot of land as a marriage gift. They sign a form that says, ‘Here you are, son. Here is your land for you and your family.’ When all my children grow up, my desire is to give out land to each of them, not just to my own two sons, but to each of my children. Here you are, Roshni. Here you are, Susanna. Here you are, Danny. And when they get married and grow up, I want to be in a life- long relationship with them.” God empowers because He loves. He is a good shepherd and Father.

True spiritual maturity kicks in as we unravel another layer of God’s heart for us and we receive the revelation in our heart. Through this trip and through Pastor John, God showed me His vision for us, of how He wants to set us up for victory and to empower us. And thus I naturally find myself trusting Him more than ever before. I trust Him to take me to the deep ends of the sea and to have His grace catch and usurp me like a net. Our God is for us and we are in this process together. He enjoys the process of us growing just as we enjoy delving more into His heart. It is a lifelong relationship where at the end of the day, it won’t just be a plot of land that He gives us, but His spirit and love that will satisfy through it all.

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