2015 Delhi – Judy Kim

God’s Safety

A group of 12 went out to New Delhi, India to do outreach work and minister to the orphans at Grace Care Home for Children. Most of our ministry was with this orphanage and Grace Community Church, both of which are run by Pastor John. We held a Sunday service, led a youth conference, and also worked with youth from the Kuki tribe, an ethnic minority group from Northeast India. It was an incredible trip, and although we did a lot of ministry, I was most blown away by Grace Home Orphanage and the orphanage structure. It really redefined to me what it means to have a house full of God’s sons and daughters. I was especially blessed by the founders and pastors of the home, Pastor John and Sister Annie, and their love for their children. They really take in each child as their own, and the spirit of adoption is so readily available and strong upon their ministry. These children are not treated like orphans, but rather as sons and daughters. They are taught life skills like. They are really empowered to live their lives as God has called them.

One theme that was highlighted throughout this trip for me was safety. I felt like God was surrounding each of us with His safety and protection. My history with God and life in general has consisted of me fending for myself, making things happen for myself, and protecting myself from both men and women- guarding myself after being so hurt consistently. Growing up, I just saw this reaction as a part of life. But 2014 has been a year of me letting down these walls and proclaiming God as my safety and protector.

On this trip, I had to confront some serious fears and distrust in my heart, but as I shared with my team preacher, and was led through some deep forgiveness, I began to see God as the one who protects me. Psalm 91 has really become a reality in my life, and I have seen this verse ringing true in our partner ministries as well. I noticed that there was such freedom and safety under Pastor John’s leadership. He has such a father’s heart. He seeks the best for his children and desires to protect and empower his sons and daughters. When I met the children and saw how much they were flourishing, filled with joy and dreams and vision, I was amazed. There was no fear in them. I really feel that because they have made the Lord their dwelling place, as the psalmist declares, “no evil shall be allowed to befall them and no plague shall come near their tent.” It was beautiful witnessing them dance, play, worship, sing, and receive the Word with such strength and dignity. God’s safety has protected them, and I longed to feel the same in my own walk with God and His people. It was a struggle to believe that I was safe coming from my history of verbal abuse and fear, but as I communicated my fear to specific people on the team, I was met with a lot of love and grace, and a desire to protect me. It was mind-blowing but also healing for my soul. I was so grateful that God would call me not only to be a minister in the mission field, but simultaneously receive His ministry as well.

In addition to the personal breakthrough, something that really stood out to me during the trip was the peace and joy carried by the Grace Home girls. There were about 56 girls in total, many of them young ladies, but each had such a uniqueness and delight to them. They were walking in a heart of service and showed so much love and honor to all those around them. I felt God’s pleasure and protection over them. Against the sharp contrast of Delhi’s hectic and dangerous streets, the protective presence of God was so real.

The Father’s spiritual covering allowed these children to grow and flourish, and you could see it in the way they interacted with one another and with the team. During one of our more relaxed days, we got to spend time playing with all the orphanage girls. They taught us games, dances, and songs. In exchange we also taught them new words, games, and activities. It was such a beautiful time as we watched original dance performances, and there was so much freedom in the place- not the spiritual oppression you would expect in a strongly Hindu nation like India. I felt so strongly that as these children made God their dwelling place, the Lord blessed them and really disallowed any evil from falling upon them, and caused them to prosper and be victorious.

At the end of our stay, as the girls surrounded us, and Pastor John started praying for all of us, I could feel God’s power being poured out. When the girls started singing over us in one voice, a Hindi song, all I could do was weep. There because there was so much safety, purity, and power in that place. I felt like the heavens were being opened up and God’s angels were singing around the throne, singing for us and to us. It was so beautiful, and I couldn’t stop crying. The majestic power of God fell upon us and I felt so overwhelmed by the sons and daughters singing for our King. I know they will be victorious and brought up in such love and strength, and I am so privileged to have met a group of such special group of people that live for God’s kingdom, even in a country full of stigma and persecution.

“Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place- the Most High, who is my refuge- no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways… You will tread on the lion and the adder;The young lion and the serpent you will trample underfoot” – Psalm 91:9-13

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