2015 Delhi – Dahae Jung

Kingdom Partnership

This was my 4th missions trip with mighty New Philly warriors, and I am so thankful to have been sent to Delhi, India. I had always wanted to visit after I heard Pastor John and Sister Annie’s testimony at a Friday Fire prayer meeting a few years ago. I had also heard so many powerful testimonies from New Philly members who had been on missions to Delhi. Finally, the time had come for me to experience ministry in this city as well!

Throughout this trip (December 27, 2014 – January 2, 2015) our team had the opportunity to minister to the beautiful children of Grace Home orphanage (led by Pastor John and Sister Annie) and even had a Spirit-filled youth revival conference on New Year’s Eve. Pastor Anna (our team preacher) and Joanna (our team leader) gave powerful messages on true identity and the Holy Spirit. We prayed for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and many experienced the power of God and cried out for more of Him. Our team also had precious time with youth from the Kuki tribe, an ethnic minority group originally from Northeast India. We ministered at a revival service led by Pastor Letlal and Sister Pinky. We also had a 2 day conference for university students and clothed them with their new identity in Christ, and released the fire of God. Indeed, the Lord taught me so much throughout this whole process. But if I had to sum up my trip in one word, it would be partnership: partnership with God, with local people, with local leaders, and with team members.

Partnership with God
Life is all about partnership with God, but I especially experienced full partnership with Him through the process of being sent out to India. When I applied for this missions season, I felt so excited but helpless at the same time. I was fully aware that it would be extremely difficult to get 4 days off in the midst of my winter work schedule. I saw no way for me to go, and though I was initially so excited, I was about to be moved by fear and unbelief to the point of dropping out. I now realize that I was trying to solve this problem with my own strength and striving. But God gave me this little faith like a grain of mustard seed. I stayed and believed and God made a way! My boss showed me favor and I got 4 days off from my workplace to go to India. In the natural I would not have been able to do this, but through partnering with Him, everything worked out smoothly.

Partnership with Local People
Our missions trips with Native Partners for World Mission (NPWM) have always been about empowering the local ministers. And we have sent out many teams especially to the nation of India. Each time, we have brought back so many fruitful testimonies. The relationship between New Philadelphia Church and Grace Home & Grace Community Church has a rich inheritance. Even though this was my first trip to India, I was able to witness and experience so much spiritual fruit. Our team saw the first son and daughter from Grace Home, and the first son of Grace Community Church, decide to go to seminary. We also met many young, anointed men and women of God fully devote their lives to the Lord and Kingdom work by wholeheartedly serving their Pastor’s ministry. One of the most powerful times for our team was when we gathered to worship and pray at the Grace Community Church New Year’s Eve worship service. Our New Philly Team made a prayer tunnel and prayed for everyone, one by one. I felt so much of God’s love and fire as we prayed for each person. I felt so honored and privileged to join these ministries, even though it was for a short period of time compared to what local pastors pour out in their lifetime.

Partnership with Local Leaders
I also learned the importance of partnering with local pastors and leaders in India. Our team was in the mission field for a short period of time. The local pastors and church leadership are the ones who are shepherding this community long term. Through fellowship, conversations, and prayers, I met amazing leaders like Brother Mathew, Solomon, Samuel, and Moses who are serving at Grace Home and Grace Community Church. Meeting Brother Ginboi and Lien from Pastor Letlal’s Kuki tribe community was also such a powerful time. These are the ministers that God has chosen and set aside to disciple and build a Spirit-filled church in India. These are the people who must be strategically covered in prayer in order for the local church to be strengthened and expand its borders.

Partnership with Team Members
At the missions send-off service (Friday Fire prayer meeting), Pastor Christian encouraged all of the missions teams to “be yourself and be confident in Him.” Throughout this trip I asked God how I could be myself while serving in the mission field, and also while serving with my team. Well, one discovery was that my detail-oriented nature was extremely helpful as I served as the team treasurer. I never felt stressed handling the team money. Rather, my heart was full of thanksgiving as I managed these kingdom resources. There was a time when I got discouraged while counting packs of Indian rupees because it seemed like I was just doing my secular job rather than doing ministry in the mission field. But in that moment, God softly told me, “You are doing kingdom work.” God highlighted what Pastor Christian had preached about different forms of spiritual formation. Even though I was not directly serving as a minister, I was ultimately serving Him. God highlighted Romans 12:4-6. “For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.” As we each have a different anointing, God wants each of us to use our gifts in order to strengthen the whole body. Not only did each of our team members serve faithfully according to the assignments they were given, but our team was also moving in unity wherever we went- whether we were in the orphanage, church, subway, or dinner table. It was so powerful to witness every man and woman of God step up in faith and take their place as ONE BODY. I am so thankful for my Delhi team especially our amazing team leader Joanna and team preacher Pastor Anna. “There may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together” – 1 Corinthians 12:25-26.

Our trip is now finished, but our Kingdom partnership continues to grow strong. Please join me as I continue to pray for the nation of India- especially for Grace Home, Grace Community Church, and the Kuki community in Delhi. Pray for God’s provision and more Kingdom resources to come to Grace Home, especially provision in the form of a permanent building for the girls. Also pray for strong discipleship and leadership for the churches where we ministered. Our team truly saw the hope of this nation- many young people established in their identity and being filled with the Spirit. But in order to keep this fire burning, pray that God would strengthen the church leadership structure and provide strategy for strong discipleship. What our team witnessed is just the tip of the iceberg, and we know there is even more gold to be unearthed within the Indian Church. Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support in making this trip possible. Let us be expectant for even greater glory to come out of Delhi and out of India!

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