2015 Delhi – Anna Roh


There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. – 1 John 4:18

India was a powerful time of stepping out in new ways, in greater authority and anointing. It is such a special country. I’ve felt the sweet, deep love of God for this nation each time I’ve been there. And the native pastors in India along with their wives are such powerful and loving people. Just being in their presence, you could feel the Father’s love. A lot of my team members got healed and felt the father’s heart simply from interacting with our native pastors. The trip was short – definitely the shortest missions trip I’ve ever gone on. But wow, God had such a strong purpose of what He wanted to do with us and through us. So before I start sharing my personal testimony and how God specifically used me and spoke to me, I want to thank you. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for sowing into my trip. Thank you for believing in me. I felt your prayers in India. There was an ease and grace that I tangibly felt as I was ministering. I realized that God wouldn’t let me fail because there were people around me that wouldn’t let me fall, even if I didn’t believe in myself.

Before this mission trip, I had a lot of fear. It was my first time as a team preacher and I was being sent into a country where woman pastors are not normally accepted. I had concerns and many questions. “Will everything be okay? Is this going to be a powerful trip? God, help me.” Anytime anyone prayed for me I would cry because I just needed it. I needed the encouragement and the words of life. However, there came a point when I felt God stop me and ask, “Anna, how long are you going to be wrestling with whether I have called you or not? Are you going to keep doubting or are you going to believe that I’ve called you, and move forward in that confidence?” At that moment I realized in that moment that I had a choice: I could either continue to wallow in my doubt, or I could move forward, believing in God’s word. So by God’s grace, I decided to stop allowing my fears to disqualify me even before I stepped out in the mission field. I decided to trust that God would use me powerfully.

Step by step God showed me how to move. There was such a thick covering of grace that I would get sudden clarity as the team preacher. There were two events that stand out to me the most in this regard. The first event was a youth revival service with university students from the Kuki tribe (an minority group from Northeast India). We had two nights with these students from Delhi University. The first night I preached, and the entire time I felt such strong spiritual opposition. I felt like I had a hammer in my hand and that I was breaking things down with my words, but it was hard and tough because the opposition was so strong. One of our intercessors told us after the trip that she saw darkness come upon us on Monday night (the night of the service) and she went into prayer for us until she saw the darkness lift. I did an altar call and one of my greatest fears as a preacher happened: no one came up. But it was so frustrating because people were crying and obviously getting touched by the Spirit, but no one came up! The team was coming up against such a strong religious spirit. So we went home that night and I had my team pray and push through first in the Spirit. We prayed until we felt a release in the Spirit. We then went to bed celebrating because we knew that God was with us, and we felt a breakthrough. The next day, I woke up, and one of my first thoughts were, “Wow, one of my greatest fears as a preacher happened. I did an altar call and no one came up. Now I have nothing to lose. I have nothing to fear anymore.” So I preached on the Holy Spirit that night and I turned the whole floor into an altar. I had everyone stack up their chairs and get into rows because we were going to pray for every, single person that night. And as we worshiped God and prayed, the Spirit of God fell. People fell under the weight of His glory. Many testified that they felt the love of God for the first time, and that they felt the tangible presence of God for the first time. One person felt fear instantly leave them, and another said that they had a throne room encounter where she literally saw the throne of God. It really humbling to see that God would use our team in such a powerful way.

The second event where God called me to step out in boldness was the Youth Conference we had with Pastor John. He had invited many young people and the theme of one-day conference was “Empowering the Next Generation.” This was our team’s last full day of ministry, but it was the first event that Pastor John had mentioned when we arrived in Delhi because it was so big in his heart. And as soon as he mentioned it, I knew exactly what to preach on. As a team preacher, I was recommended to prepare at least 3 messages for the mission field, but I like to prepare ahead of time so I prepared 7 messages beforehand. However, on the plane ride, I was looking through my 2014 journal and saw that God had periodically spoken to me about the same theme again and again. I didn’t realize this same theme had repeated itself until I looked through my journal. So as soon as Pastor John spoke to me about the Youth Conference – a conference for young people, seminary students, professors, and other believers– I knew that I had to preach on what God had been cultivating in me for the past year. So I preached about taking your place in the Kingdom, but doing it by being yourself and believing in God’s calling rather than your doubts. It was a very personal message for me. It was strong and anointed. I felt God’s presence all throughout the sermon! But my favorite part was when Pastor John went up and said that this was the exact message he wanted to hear preached at this conference. Everything I had preached, he had been praying to God the night before. Therefore to hear me preach this message, without even once having spoken to each other about it, was a true work of the Holy Spirit. I felt chills as Pastor John was sharing, and I felt so thankful to God for using me so powerfully, but also to do so in a way that would encourage and bless the native pastors.

The trip was so powerful! I had so much fear before the trip, but all throughout, God kept telling me that He is the one that will use me. As long as I take my place, He would be with me. It was exciting to hear people feeling the love of God for the first time, experiencing th gift of tongues, having visions of Heaven, and seeing the power of the Gospel come alive as we ministered! Thank you partnering with me and my team. I believe your seeds of financial support and intercession will bear abundant fruit in your own lives!

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