2015 Delhi – Anastasia Tin


India is a country of contrasts. One foot is on the modern side, and the other foot is in a very traditional mindset. My team was also a group of contrasts. We all came from different countries and different campuses of New Philadelphia Church. But God is one, and none of these factors were a barrier for what He wanted to do. Our team had the opportunity to serve the people of Delhi and also people from northeastern state of Manipur. We met and ministered with local pastors. Through our ministry partnerships, God was breaking off hopelessness, establishing Christlike character, and bringing the fire of the Holy Spirit

To be honest, India was never on my travel list. I was surprised when God assigned me to be sent there. Before arriving in the mission field, I was afraid of some of the things I had heard about the country. And even until the very last hour, it was hard to believe that I was being sent to India for ministry. But as I was preparing myself for this missions trip, even though I was busy with other things, God was faithfully and graciously preparing me. When our team finally arrived at Delhi International Airport, I could immediately feel God’s heart for the country. As I was spending more and more time in the mission field, I was able to experience such a deep love for India. I was crying a lot. I felt like I was under His wings, in the shadow of His love. I was so covered, and my heart was free to roam with His love for India.

As the team worship leader, my first day of serving was pretty hard. I am not very good at guitar, thus I was hoping to play the piano, in which I am very confident. But ultimately I felt the Holy Spirit inside of me giving a strong “NO” for the piano, even though there was a piano available everywhere we went. Somehow I just knew that God just wouldn’t flow as powerfully through the piano. So I had to pull back. I knew I had to listen to God and minister through the guitar. But I was so nervous. I could barely feel my arms on the first day. But even though this cloudiness, I could still feel God’s grace. And as I saw the people worshipping, I could understand that what matters to the Lord above all else is our heart of worship. It was glorious to see.

On this trip I realized that I was lacking in so many areas and dwelling in so many fears. But God wanted to confront me, sharpen me, and empower me in these very areas. There was one particular night when Pastor Anna, our team preacher, gave me some feedback about my praise leading. After hearing her out, I left her room to prepare my set of songs for the next day. But at that point I was so emotionally down. It was to the point where I just felt so broken, discouraged, and wanted to give up and go back to Korea. But I am so thankful to God for the strong, mighty people that He placed on my team. Big thanks go out to Stephanie and David, as they just spoke truth over me, broke off all fears, and established Christ’s identities in me. I remember Stephanie didn’t let me go deep into my weeping. She literally pulled me away and like a mother, told me, “This is not who you are! You aren’t going to the deep depression right now. Look into my eyes. Focus!” I was distracted with my sadness and too focused on myself, rather than on God. I was too scared to be engaged with people. I was too aware of how was I going to look in front of people. I was too scared of lacking in my English abilities, I was too scared of not knowing what to say to people. There was so much cloudiness in my mind. So Stephanie and David prayed over me against all these fears. And after the prayer, I went to sleep and God gave me supernatural peace and good rest for the next day. The next morning, He kept on establishing His clarity and truth in my mind and taking away all the cloudiness. Thus I was fully equipped for the next service. Day by day, I felt like God was taking my praise leading to a whole new level, teaching me to walk in the anointing of our church. He was teaching me how to serve from a place of overflow, teaching me to worship and pray with my eyes open, being empowered the whole time.

On this trip I was expecting God to release physical healing, inner healing, and personal spiritual growth. But I started to realize that instead of physical healing, God was releasing more inner healing in people’s hearts. He wanted His people to walk with Holy Spirit, hand in hand. After all, if there are signs and wonders and great physical healings, but no Holy Spirit in our hearts, how are we to steward our fire for God? But even as I was understanding the importance of walking with the Spirit, I was still unsatisfied. I had been expecting such a great demonstration of the physical healing testimonies and the supernatural. So I needed a deeper understanding of God’s plan- why He was moving the way He was moving? So as I was processing the trip, God started to reveal these greater plans to me. As missionaries for just a week, everyone on the team was hoping for many testimonies of physical healing and the supernatural. But ultimately, our purpose was to empower the locals to walk with the Holy Spirit. We were called to help them flourish even in the midst of persecution and spiritual drought. And although our team could not stay in Delhi forever, the Holy Spirit always remains. Holy Spirit is able to guide, teach, empower, and comfort. It is then that I remembered the word that the Lord had spoken to me before setting off for India, from Psalm 104:10: “I make springs gush forth in the valleys; they flow between the hills.” God saw the longing of their souls, and He saw the dry valleys of His people in Delhi. And He just couldn’t wait to open up the heavens and let the flood of His presence pour out. Moreso than just physical healing, God wanted to fill and empower His people. And it was so beautiful to see people meeting with our Heavenly Father. The Lord was pouring out His fire, and His children were responding by pouring out their tears.

God moved powerfully in India and I felt the prayers being lifted up by our church while we were there. Please continue to pray for our partner ministries in India. Pray for provision, specifically for a new bus at Grace Community Church to provide safe transportation for the congregation members. Pray for a permanent facility for girls housing. Lastly, pray for more supporters to rise up and partner with the Grace Home ministry so more children can be saved from the streets of India. Let us continue to believe for God’s rivers of provision, life, and revival to empower our brothers and sisters in India!

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