2015 Bangladesh – Jin Chung

Prophetic Walk for Christ

“How is God moving in this nation?” As our plane landed in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, I asked this question to seek God in His work. Although I had already heard about the country’s poor economic state, my mind wasn’t fully ready to grasp the level of chaos in their economic and political condition. The atmosphere of the country was tense, with uneasiness from recent public uproar against the ruling party. I could only remotely relate to the dissatisfaction of the people.

On the evening of 30th January, our team met Pastor Ishan (our local ministry contact) at the airport. We were connected to him through Native Partners for World Mission (NPWM). Pastor Ishan had been organizing our week-long schedule, and he would be translating for us. Our team was very diverse (comprised of of Koreans, Americans, a South African, and an Australian), and all foreigners to this land, and thus highly noticeable by the locals who constantly stared at us. We rushed into the van as Pastor Ishan pleasantly welcomed us on our ministry trip.

After staying one night in Dhaka, the team headed down to Jessore, about 300 km away from the capital city. Throughout the 6 hour van ride, I had some time to observe and pray for the country. After seeing the actual level of poverty and underdevelopment, I was often met with a doubt in my heart: “Can God really transform this city? Do I see hope in this nation?” As I inwardly struggled through the disbelief in my heart to believe for the best for this country, I suddenly started to think about my own country, Korea, in its abject poverty 60 years ago. It dawned on me that this is what the old generation had seen during their time. And this rural area of Jessore is what those missionaries in 1950’s must have seen in Korea!

I was hit with this revelation that all of this underdeveloped economic condition and social disorder was a precursor to God’s glory showing up through the Gospel, which has the power to transform the city towards prosperity and revival. I started to believe and prayerfully released the testimony of South Korea over this nation. And my heart was finally positioned to do the work that God sent me here for. I kept releasing my faith, believing that His kingdom is in Bangladesh to rule and reign in His goodness. I contended with faith that what God did for South Korea, He can do in Bangladesh with even greater glory!

As the team arrived at our ministry destination, Pastor Emily Suen encouraged us to ask the Holy Spirit for any vision or guidance to how to partner with His work. After taking some time to pray, I felt like God was showing me a vision of our team members being the lights of His glory stepping into His territory. In other words, wherever we placed our feet, we were claiming for His kingdom. As we treaded on the darkness, our lights through Jesus was released. It was like a map in a role-playing RPG game in which places where the tread now become visible and are no longer invisible territories.
The Lord continued to increase my heart as we ministered in the different villages. Despite their poor economic conditions, I started to see royalty in the people of Bangladesh. Although the enemy tried to steal from them, God loves this people and He is for them! My heart was full and glad to meet these people who were so pure in their hearts and always so inquisitive when engaging in conversation.

Throughout the trip, our team served in various ways: joyful dance songs to children, sharing personal testimonies, praying for healing and preaching the Good News. I could sense great unity and teamwork through us as we faithfully played our roles and were led by God’s spirit.
My personal highlight was when Pastor Emily picked out one brother in the crowd and shared the gospel with Him. After hearing the message, he received Jesus in his heart and joyfully came to us afterwards. I could immediately see the light brightening up in his eyes! At this point, the light that had been carried through our team was now resonating in his heart! I was in awe to witness the movement of God’s light reaching its final destination—for salvation of a soul! As it says in John 8:12, we are carriers of God’s light. And the lights that now shines in us through our faith in Christ Jesus does not stop at marking God’s territory; it is released to do God’s ultimate work. Salvation belongs to the Lord and He uses us to bring His people in.

The spirit of sovereign Lord was with our team wherever we went. For the remaining 4 days, we continued to preach and share God’s love to Muslims, Hindus, and Christians in their schools and villages. We met the local pastors who minister under the leadership of Pastor Ishan. One of them had been a fervent Hindu priest overseeing 4 temples before radically encountering the Gospel truth. He is now serving the Lord to bring the entire nation to salvation. We prayed for each other and shared stories of God’s goodness. As I heard the testimonies of these pastors and their zeal for God’s kingdom, I was simply amazed by God’s sovereignty that goes beyond what I can normally fathom in my mind. Through eyes of faith I was able to see the transformative work of salvation and prosperity birthed through the spirit of Jesus in Bangladesh. And I would like to ask prayer supporters to continue praying and believing for this country! Our Heavenly Father can indeed accelerate the speed of His rule and bring Bangladesh to Christ!

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