2015 Bangladesh – Carol Lee

Nothing is Too Little to Reflect God’s Presence

The Lord your God is in your midst, a victorious warrior He will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in His love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy. – Zephaniah 3:17

One of my expectations for this trip was to experience God moving powerfully wherever we ministered. How I defined that in my mind was seeing demons being cast out, people rolling on the ground and shaking in the presence of God. When that expectation was not met on our first day of ministry, I got a little frustrated. I started to think it was because I had not prayed or fasted enough. But God did not allow me to stay in that place of guilt. Instead, in the things that I had seen as natural, God started to allow me to see the supernatural.

The prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19 expects God to show Himself through the strong wind, later in the earthquake, and last through fire. But God was not in any of those places. When God finally spoke to Elijah, He spoke through the sound of a low whisper. Just as Elijah was expecting God’s presence in those loud and noticeable ways, I realized I was doing the same thing. And just as how God ended up speaking to Elijah through a small and still whisper, this is how He spoke to me as well.

When the team rode on our tractor to go minister to the outskirts of Jessore, I asked God to show me the person He wanted me to pray for that day. On our way I saw many people on the road wearing something red. And I realized that was the answer. I did not doubt that sign. I knew it was God telling me to pray for someone wearing red. During our ministry time I saw an old man outside the church. He was watching the whole service through the window, and he was wearing a red sweater. I knew he was the person God had highlighted to me. However, due to Muslim culture, we were instructed that women must only pray for women, and men for men. So I asked the guys on our team to pray for the man in red. I was waiting for them to pray for him, but there were a lot of people at the altar waiting to receive prayer for healing. I knew in my heart I could not lose the chance that God gave me. So with boldness I went up to that elderly man and I asked if I could pray for him. Even though he did not understand me, he allowed me to put my hand on his heart. I did not see him crying, shaking, or falling to the floor as I was prayed, but I saw him changed. After praying for the man, I saw him inside the church with a big smile on his face, playing with a baby right next to him. His facial expression was nothing short of supernatural. It was completely transformed. He was not isolating himself anymore, but instead was filled with joy. Although the shift in a man’s face draws less attention than someone receiving the gift of tongues, it does not mean it is not supernatural. Maybe none of the other team members saw that man changed, but it does not mean God did not touch him. Just like the whisper to Elijah was subtle, the man’s transformation was subtle yet undeniably the work of God.

A second way that God revealed the supernatural in the natural was through the unity of our team. In small acts like helping each other carry water bottles, I could feel God’s supernatural intervention giving us sincere love for one another. As 1 Corinthians 12 says, the church is a body and our team certainly served as one body. We all had our own roles and responsibilities, but everyone was there to help one another. The analogy of the body perfectly suited how we were working together. When the hand was needed, the arm and the elbow automatically moved together to help the hand to do its work. For example, I was the historian in charge of counting service attendance, salvations, and documenting the important details pertaining to our trip. All of our ministry areas were packed with people. It was only possible to count the people during the altar calls because all of my team members were helping me.

On this trip, God spoke to me in ways that I was not expecting. He made my expectations too low compared to the deeper things He wanted to release. I now realize that nothing is too little to reflect His presence. Through this trip, I feel like I have gotten trained to see and record God’s wonders everywhere. What I used to ignore for being too “natural” has become the open doors to seeking God’s supernatural in my life.

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