2015 Angeles City – Sascha Kim

The Biggest Miracle!

Before leaving to the Philippines, the Sydney members of the team shared their expectations on what they would like to see on the field. One thing that I wanted to see was to see God move in signs and wonders. I was ready to see to the blind see, the mute speak ,and the lame walk. I was seeking and fasting to see the supernatural!

God was so faithful to every prayer that we prayed for. One thing we asked the Sydney campus to pray for was unity with the Korea team members. We prayed that there would not be any striving for unity, but that it will be natural. From day one we were like friends being reunited, and the last day we became family that didn’t want to separate! God was also faithful to answer my prayers to see physical healing! We saw migraines go, shoulder & chest pains removed, leg pain healed and improved eyesight!

Amongst all the miracles, signs and wonders I have seen, the biggest miracle I saw was my heart transforming, becoming softer and becoming like God’s heart. I have been on many missions trip before, and the last time I was sent out on missions was three years ago with another church. But God had something special in store for me on this trip.

The moment I went on the van of Pastor Ibay, the local contact, I started to feel uncomfortable. As I looked outside the window, the roads packed with jeepneys filed with passengers inside, the motorized tricycles taking over the streets with their loud engines, memories of my past missions trips came flooding back. The forgotten memories of how much the people depend on God and still call Him good. The question, “How did my heart for missions become so harden?” kept replaying in my mind. The comparison of me trying to maintain the status quo compared to the faith of the natives was humbling. More like heart breaking.

This feeling climaxed on the day I had to preach and lead worship. Six hours prior to preaching and leading worship, our whole team was sent out to do house to house evangelism in a very remote and desolate place filled with a lot of smoke. We were split into four groups and each group went to different houses to reach out to people. Every house looked very different to the normal western home, with the only source of light being the sun. Every family we visited was struggling financially and had sick family member. But most of the people we evangelized to came out to the Evangelistic Service.

I had to lead worship and the conditions were so tough. What I imagined back in Sydney, was a nice set up stage with a mic stand and guitar pick up. That’s all I needed. But in the church where I led worship, there was no mic stand, and there was no guitar pick up as well. I had to use a human mic stand for both my voice and for the guitar. As I sang “God is so good,” I was humbled to see people declaring God is good! Moments before the service, I saw how hard life was for them. The husbands worrying about how they are going to bring home the bacon every day, and mothers asking for prayer for their sick children. The same people were singing so loudly and passionately that “God is so good.” It wasn’t about how I sounded, or even if they could sing or not. The Filipinos knew that God was so good, and that what they needed!

Now back to reality and back to everyday life. I don’t know how my next season will unfold. There might be some challenges, hardships and struggles along the way. But in this season, my prayer is James 1:2.

“Consider it pure Joy… whenever you face trials of many kinds.”

Just like the Filipinos, I want to say that “God is so good” in every season of my life!

When I prayed, “God I want to see a miracle,” little did I know that the biggest miracle that He wanted me to see was Him changing and softening my heart! God is so good!

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