2015 Angeles City – Judy Bohyun Kim

Complete The Joy

Genesis 2:7 reads, “Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.”

Realizing how fearfully and wonderfully we are made as His living vessels, my mind was overwhelmed by how immeasurable His plans are for His people. I had asked these children about their dreams. And looking at their raised hands and pure eyes filled with enthusiasm to share their answers, my heart started to dream even bigger for this small rural area of the Philippines.

Shouting “Different, different! Galling, galling” (which means “the best” in Filipino) in one voice with the children, God led me to think of our team. We were like the ingredients of an excellent meal. Each ingredient has a different flavor, looks different, and comes from different places. But once they all come together, there is a great harmonization, and the master chef is able to create a delicious dish. 5 out of 13 of our team members were from the New Philly Sydney Campus. Even the Seoul members worshipped and different campuses. In the flesh, I was wondering how team unity could be built when we could barely talk with one another beforehand. But when the master chef, our God, gathered us at the field, at the perfect moment, we could feel that the Holy Spirit was ready to mingle us with our own textures and flavors into the “best oven pasta” baked in the heat of the Philippines. Pastor Paul (our team preacher) or Eunice Lee (our team leader) would often empower us to step up and lead, showing us how much they trusted us as powerful vessels of the Lord. Whether it was preaching, VBS leading, body worship, prophesying at an altar call, or leading prayer, we stood up, stepped up, interceded, and harmonized as warriors of His army. It was to the point that we couldn’t believe that aside from four members, everyone else was a New Philly missions first-timer.

One of the beautiful stories that touched my heart deeply was at Pastor Ramiro’s church in Tarlac City. While our team was preparing for worship to start, I saw Sister Lisa, the wife of Pastor Ramiro, watching us from behind the side door. Right before the worship started, we made a circle and started to pray with zeal and fire. Pastor Paul and Eunice led specific prayer topics. And as one team we started to pray, crying out and shouting for Heaven to truly come down. I saw Sister Lisa starting to cry. She wiped her eyes with her apron, saying “Thank you, Jesus” the whole time, and even after worship, she couldn’t stop expressing her heart to us. She was powerfully ministered to by the presence of the Lord.

We might have looked like gentle lambs, but the Holy Spirit awakened the lions of our spirit men, and we started to rise up to contend for the Kingdom of God. All of us had different mountains that we had to overcome in our life journey. But these were the powerful weapons of our personal testimonies to pour out the deeper love of Jesus, bind up the broken hearted, speak life in the spirit of Isaiah 61. Thus our team could contend for God’s heart by amplifying our joy and unity as we ministered in slum areas in Tarlac City. Even as we visited homes in rural areas full of people whose hearts were filled with discouragement and the hopeless, even in the red light district area in Angeles City, we were able to shine the light of Christ.
On our last day of ministry, Sister Chona (the wife of Pastor Bob, the head pastor of Church of God, Angeles City), jokingly asked me if she could be my Filipino mom. I can still hear what she told me while I was leaning on her shoulder: “Korea will be blessed since they have you guys from New Philladelphia Church, who know how to pray for the Philippines, who knos how to intercede for God’s people with genuine hearts. You have the beautiful heart of God, compassion.”

“So if there’s any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind” (Philippians 2:1-2). As Apostle Paul says in verse 2, being of the same mind and love completes the joy. I am very thankful for your partnership with our team, for your financial support and prayer covering to bring the joy of God to the Philippines. Thank you for being in sync with God’s heart to bring the love of Christ with one mind through our team. This is yet another beautiful story that God has written in His book. Thank you.

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