Saved for Relationship

New Philly Hongdae (video streamed to Sillim, Itaewon, Busan)
Preached by John-Michael Becker on May 8, 2016, Sunday.
Duration: 55 minutes (audio)

Preached at NP Hongdae-Alpha

Discussion Questions

CG questions written by John-Michael Becker.

  1. Which story from the sermon stood out to you most? Why?
  2. How would you describe your mindset/relationship with God? What areas of your mindset of God do you think need to change?
  3. If God’s greatest priority for us is relationship, how should this affect the way we live our lives? How does putting our relationship with God as top priority release peace into our lives? Should we feel any anxiety with God? (NO!) If someone were to feel anxiety in their relationship with God, what do you think God would want to say to that person?
  4. How does knowing that God pledged Himself to us, without any performance clauses, affect our worship to Him? What will your demeanor be during the retreat this weekend, especially during the worship sessions?
  5. What are you looking forward to at the retreat? What are you asking God for?

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