The Significance of His Resurrection

New Philly Hongdae
Preached by Erin Lee on March 27, 2016, Sunday.

Preached at NP Hongdae-Alpha


The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most pivotal moment in human history. Three reasons why Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is significant are because it proves He is the Messiah, it proves that what He accomplished on the cross is a finished work and it proves that as believers we are called to life and life abundant.

Discussion Questions

CG questions written by Erin Lee.

  1. Read John 10:17-18. What is significant about Jesus claiming he had the authority to both lay down His life as well as take it back up again? How does this set apart the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection testimonies of others in Scripture (ie. Lazarus, Jairus’ daughter)? How does this prove His divinity?
  2. Read Romans 1:4. What does Apostle Paul say about the effect the resurrection had on who Jesus was declared to be? How does the resurrection authenticate that Jesus is who the world of God says He is?

    “Behold the dead and buried One makes Himself alive again! He was master over death, even when death seemed to have mastered Him- He entered the grave as a captive but left it as a conqueror. He was encompassed by the bonds of death but He could not be held by them. Even in His burial garments He came to life- from those wrappings He unbound Himself- from the sealed tomb He stepped into liberty. If, in the extremity of His weakness He had the power to rise out of the sepulcher (grave) and come forth in newness of life, what can He not accomplish now?” -Charles Spurgeon
  3. Read Hebrews 9:11-22. How were the animal sacrifices given in the OT a foreshadow of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ? Why were the animal sacrifices repeatedly made and how does the death of Jesus completely put away sin once and for all?
  4. Romans 6:23 says that the wages of sin were death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. How did the resurrection of Jesus prove that the wages of death that were on mankind was fully paid through the cross? Remember the Restaurant analogy.
  5. If the resurrection proves that through the cross our sins have been completely forgiven and through faith we are righteous before God, in what ways should that impact the way we live our lives? Are there ways that we try to ‘add’ to what Jesus did on the cross when it comes to our right standing with God?

    “The Bible says he was raised not just after the blood-shedding, but by it. This means that what the death of Christ accomplished was so full and so perfect that the resurrection was the reward and vindication of Christ’s achievement in death.” – John Piper

    “The resurrection of Christ is one of the foundation-stones of Christianity. It was the seal of the great work that He came on earth to do. It was the crowning proof that the ransom He paid for sinners was accepted, the atonement for sin accomplished, the head of him who had the power of death bruised, and the victory won.” – J.C. Ryle
  6. Read Romans 8:11. How does the resurrection of Jesus enable and empower believers to live victorious lives? How does being made forgiven and deemed righteous at the beginning of our faith make Christianity completely different from other religions? How should this truth affect the way you live?
  7. When we put our faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus we receive eternal life (John 3:16). How does John define eternal life in John 17:3? If eternal life calls us into relationship with God how does that impact how we are called to live?

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